Bev Aho (Chair) and Mark Weber (Executive Director) shared the history of the Eden Prairie Community Foundation. The Foundation was formed in 1981 by a group of Rotarians. The Foundation has awarded more than 500 grants to 84 organizations exceeding $1,500,000 in its promise to “help fill unmet needs in Eden Prairie”.

The Foundation has three annual events including -
  • Brewfest – held in the fall at Purgatory Park. This event has grown by 100 attendees each year.
  • Give to the Max Day – held in mid-November, this is a state-wide fundraising initiative.
  • EP Gives – the Foundation's annual celebration acknowledges donors and celebrates the current year grants. The 2017 event is coming up April 29th at Oak Ridge Conference Center from 6-11:30 p.m.  Tickets are $100 each and available from many Rotarians including Bev and Mark or on the web site (see link in announcements).
The Foundation has been involved in various large projects including Veteran’s Memorial in Purgatory Creek Park and Miracle Field. The Foundation funds several organizations (PROP, True Friends, etc.) with multi-year grants and numerous smaller one-time and project grants. Relatively new to the Foundation is a Youth Initiative which has funded after-school scholarships for extra-curricular activities and the CounterAct Program with the Eden Prairie Police Department. 
The Foundation also acts as fiscal sponsor for projects needing a 501 c 3 to assist in administering the projects like the Sidney Galleger Memorial Pool at the Eden Prairie Community Center and others. Individuals can set up donor advised funds with the Foundation and through the Foundation make directed grants to recipients of their choice. The Foundation is starting and Endowment Campaign with a goal of reaching $2,000,000 in three years. Joe and Carol Stoebner recently pledged $100,000 to the campaign.
Spotlight on Irene Kelly
The eldest of four siblings, Irene grew up near the beach in New Jersey. Irene graduated college with a History major. She was married in 1971 and her first job was in a library. Over the years, Irene changed careers 7 times. Her late husband was a member of this Rotary Club and she was invited to join in the late 90’s. Irene started a coaching practice eleven years ago. She enjoys spending time with her family including her grandchildren and over the years, Rotary has become a significant part of her life and Irene is our current District Governor Elect.
New Member Induction - John Goergen
We at Eden Prairie AM Rotary proudly inducted into our club John Goergen, sponsored by Jeannie Zetah.
Happy Fines
  • Gary Bergren was $1 happy for each day of his father’s 100th birthday.
  • Greg Olson recognized United Nations World Happiness Day.
  • Dan O’Brien awarded Bill Gaddis with his 5th Sapphire
  • Glenn Olson happy his garden free of that pesky wabbit.
Vostri Sriranjoni - Visiting Rotarian from Calcutta Club
Blake Chester - Son of Jared Chester
Ale Pena Gonzalez - Exchange Student
Stella Lindbergh and Carter Mason- Student Interns