Josh Swanson, Nate Swenson, and Carlondrea Hines

Tour of CMS

steve schewe

Eden Prairie School District officials were kind enough to guide our Rotarians around the new CMS infrastructure. The construction started in March 2020, and although there have been some supply chain issues, EPS is proud to have opened the middle school on time. The new facilities give students space to learn in authentic ways. The additional wings, such as the instrumental practice rooms and open community spaces, allow for collaborative learning and an innovative course curriculum. For example, the flexible rolling desks and chairs allow students to easily create groups in order to work together. The garage doors between the cafeteria and media center also allow for students to flow between the two areas during their free time. Although one might think the open spaces in the hallways would create loud distractions for the adjacent classrooms, the areas are designed to keep the sound from reaching other classrooms.

This construction also included the addition of the 6th-grade wing. Grades are still grouped in pods throughout the middle school, however, so it still gives a sense of community and cohesiveness for students, which was a large concern from 6th-grade parents going into this transition.


    • The January 18th meeting is about our Sustainability Event––the Eco Exo.
    • On January 25, we will have guest speakers Keidy and Gene Palusky, co-founders of Xtorch​.

    Vocational –– Sharon Borine

    Sharon Borine first started her career at IBM as a Systems Manager, where she met her husband. She eventually dreamt bigger and filled many different roles, from Systems Engineer to Marketing Executive. Sharon then moved on to Nash Finch, where she became Vice President of Technology and Applications. She then worked with Xcel Energy as the Director of Enterprise Continuity, working in Emergency Management, Emergency Plans, Alert Systems, Business Continuity, and Public Safety.

    Sharon is now married to Carl. Her daughter, Morgan, is in psychiatric medicine. They also have a newly born grandson, Cam, who is four months old. As a Hopkins graduate, Sharon went to the University of Minnesota. She is now on the University of Minnesota's CLA English Board, and she enjoys spending her time at their cabin, snowshoeing, traveling, and golfing at Bearpath.

    Happy Fives

    • Roger was happy to announce that his wife is retiring at the end of January!