Club Membership Committee

The club membership committee is responsible for developing and implementing an action plan for recruiting, retaining, and educating club members.  The key responsibilities of the Club Membership Committee are:
  •         Recruitment
  •         Membership growth and development
  •         Retention    

Prospective Member Outline

An effective orientation to Rotary begins as soon as a qualified prospective member is identified.  Learning the expectations and benefits of Rotary membership early in the process helps prospective members make well-informed decisions to accept the formal invitation, when it is extended.
Areas to cover prior to membership commitment:
1.       General Overview of Rotary International
2.       Rotary Foundation
3.       Responsibilities of Membership in the Club
4.       Overview of Eden Prairie  AM Rotary Club (EPAMRC) Projects and Activities

New Member Orientation

The Eden Prairie AM Rotary Club is dedicated to providing an in-depth informational program that teaches new members about Rotary, engages them in club activities, and welcomes them to the organization.  This orientation plays a vital role in helping new members internalize what it means to be a Rotarian.
Key Areas for New Members:
1.       Rotary policies and procedures
2.       Opportunities for service
3.       Rotary history and achievements
  • New Member Committee chair offers to meet with the new member for a one on one meeting.  Meetings can be held after regular club meeting or another time.
  • Each new member will have an existing club member assigned as a mentor.
  • The Executive Secretary will send the member the ClubRunner website and log in information. 
  • The club invites member to attend a quarterly new member small group opportunity at different club members' homes.
  • New member will be asked to sit at the Sergeant at Arms Desk with Executive Secretary.
  • New member will be asked to provide a vocational during the first few months of membership.
  • New Member Committee chair will follow up with new member to determine service club volunteer opportunities.
Resources for New Members:
1.       Financial Obligations and Attendance Requirements Handout (see Membership Website)
2.       E-learning center at
3.       Member Handbook
4.        “Getting Started” ClubRunner Cheat Sheet
5.       Standing Committees and Contacts (See Listing On Club Runner)
6.       Current club and district projects
7.       RI Programs
8.       The Rotary Foundation Programs
For questions regarding new member orientation or activities, please contact:
Elaine Larabee
Membership Director