E Gaming
Aug 16, 2022
Jody Hahn
E Gaming

Got Game? Well, Jody didn’t exactly start her career that way. Let’s back-up just a beat. She started her career in healthcare and stayed in the industry for 20 years. She spent 10 of those years as a CEO helping her organization win national accolades for achieving the highest level of care through a Balanced Scorecard approach (Financial Success, Engaged Employees, Happy Customers, and Outstanding Clinical Outcomes).

After her successful run in healthcare, she co-founded CampaignBuddy in 2019. With a little luck, a great network, and a lot of learning, within 6 months she designed, developed and launched CampaignBuddy. Her company developed a SaaS tool which is an ad campaign management tool to help small businesses “playball” online. It provides a one-stop-shop to design, create, launch and manage digital ads on various platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc. with no extensive marketing experience.

In addition to starting her own company in 2019, Jody joined WeMN (Women Entrepreneurs of MN). WeMN is a non-profit organization helping women entrepreneurs connect, share, grow, develop and learn together. As the current President, Jody has had the good fortune to have many great mentors in her life, so she joined WeMN to give back to other women trying to achieve their dreams through entrepreneurship. She acts as an advisor and mentor to other women entrepreneurs in various capacities such as business plan development, budgeting, marketing, branding and more.

In 2021, Jody finally got her game on. Well, sort of. She is the COO at Wisdom Gaming Inc. A first of its kind esports company in the Midwest. Wisdom is an 18,0000 sq ft gaming and esports venue with a live broadcast studio, bar, and lounge located on the fourth floor of Mall of America. Despite no gaming experience, with her leadership Jody is helping the team create Wisdom’s long-term strategy growth, operational effectiveness and efficiencies to launch this amazing company in a “wild, wild west industry”.

As a leader and entrepreneur, Jody understands the drive, passion, and commitment it takes to run a successful business. She believes learning is a top priority whether through formal education, professional coaching, networking, or experiences. Every
challenge is an opportunity to learn, grow, and change.