Meeting Notes: 

Tom O'Brien - Director of Product Operations - Code42 | LinkedInTom Obrien from Code42 joined us this past Tuesday. They are here to support organizations made up of people that move fast and think big. The ones who work together to solve hard problems and who relentlessly pursue better. They are not new to the cyber security scene — but our approach to Insider Risk protection is. For nearly 20 years, we’ve been safeguarding the ideas of the most innovative organizations, including 18 of the world’s most valuable brands. And as their needs — and the needs of their workforce — have evolved, so have our data security solutions. Today, their team is focused on delivering solutions built with the modern-day collaborative culture in mind. Tracking activity across computers, email, and the cloud, our SaaS-based Insider Risk Management solutions surface and prioritize file exposure and exfiltration events that represent real business threats, and need investigation and response. Here’s the game-changer: they do this without locking down access to data. The end result? For security practitioners, it means speed to detection and response. For companies, it means a collaborative workforce that is productive and a business that is secure.
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