Liz Heinecke - The Kitchen Pantry Scientist

Join us on Tuesday, May 17 to hear from Liz Heinecke, founder of The Kitchen Pantry Scientist! She will be discussing her new book, Radiant. The daughter of a physicist and a kitchen wizard who ran cooking schools and dining services, Liz Heinecke grew up in Manhattan, Kansas and Livermore, California. Utilizing an undergraduate degree in art from Luther College and a master’s degree in bacteriology from UW-Madison, she spent a decade working in biology laboratories before pivoting to science writing. Today, she lives in Minnesota and shares her love of science via television, social media, and her books, including Radiant, The Dancer, The Scientist and a Friendship Forged in Light, The Kitchen Pantry Scientist series, Kitchen Science Lab for Kids, Outdoor Science Lab for Kids, and Star Wars Maker Lab. In her free time, Liz reads, sings, and plays the banjo.