Posted by Mark Weber
    Xcel Energy’s Upper Midwest 2016-2030 Resource Plan was presented by Michelle Swanson, who oversees community relations and economic development from the company’s Minneapolis office.
    That plan details Xcel Energy’s proposed transition away from coal-based generation and toward a goal to provide 63 percent of its energy generation from carbon-free resources – at a cost that’s affordable, according to Michelle.
    By 2030, about 35 percent of the electricity that Xcel provides to customers would come from wind or solar resources. Meanwhile, the percentage of electricity generated from coal would drop from 34 percent to 15 percent of the total.
    The share of electricity generated from nuclear energy would stay about the same, 27 percent compared to 28 percent, and the share of electricity generated from natural gas would increase from 15 percent to 22 percent.
    Xcel is a force in Minnesota: it is the largest property-tax payer in the state, and has nearly 8,000 contractors and employees. It’s also involved locally, supporting Eden Prairie organizations such as PROP, the Community Foundation, the Chamber of Commerce, and Eden Prairie High School.
    We welcomed former club member and visitor Jim Bissonett. Other announcements: our foreign-exchange student Trini arrives Aug. 14. Volunteers and food vendors are needed for the Oct. 7 Vino Classico fundraiser. Prairie Brewfest will be held Sept. 9. If you haven’t done so already, please fill out a club involvement form and get a “Four-Way Test” coin from President Roger Jorgensen.
    David Hellmuth offered his vocational, detailing a childhood in Madison, Wis., the son of a University of Wisconsin dean. He was involved in hockey, golf, and theater as a kid, and developed a love of the Green Bay Packers. He started the Hellmuth & Johnson law firm in 1994 and spends a lot of time representing small businesses, including about 50 banks. He and wife Tammy have four children, and you might know David’s poker-champion brother, Phil, from his book or his appearances on TV.
    We were happy, and willing to offer money as proof. Jay Simpson is appreciative of the flowers sent by the club during his recuperation from knee surgery. Robb Hiller is happy to report his health is improving and that one of his supporters, golfer Tom Lehman, is giving a talk at Westwood Community Church. Pei Ling Jamison is reliving the memories of a recent Disney cruise in the Caribbean. Dan O’Brien recently vacationed in Lake Geneva, Wis., and is happy to see the return of Jim Bissonett and Robb Hiller. Adam Seidel is happy to report that the school board has inked a formal contract with Josh Swanson, the Eden Prairie Schools’ new superintendent.
    Jim Bissonett
    Student Interns: Phillip Kuhn and Alexa Oldenkamp