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Molly Bahneman - Minnetonka Preschool and ECFE Coordinator

Tour de Tonka

Ingrid Christensen

Molly Bahneman is the daughter of our Rotary Club's very own Dan O'Brien. As the Director of Early Childhood Family Education in Minnetonka, Molly has previously overseen all Tour de Tonka rest stops and has been working this event for the past five years.

This year, the Tour de Tonka will be held on August 7th. Anyone who can participate or help is encouraged to attend, whether it's for five hours or even just one! Even during the pandemic, 300+ people registered virtually to participate in the event. This year, on the first day of registration, 101 people already signed up to ride. People from all over––whether it's a different county or state––are encouraged to attend. There will also be a vaccine clinic at the end of the route for anyone who would like to take this opportunity to protect their community's health.

Bahneman shared the history of the Tour de Tonka, along with some fun facts about the event. The Tour de Tonka is different from any other biking event because it’s a ride, not a race. Bikers can enjoy the event at their own pace. They can also choose their distance and how much money and/or time they spend, which makes it especially great for first-timers. About 16 miles takes approximately an hour, but the flat terrain makes it doable! Families can also follow their younger riders in the car from rest stop to rest stop. At each rest stop, there’s music and food, along with pizza at the end! Any food that is not eaten is also donated, ensuring that no unnecessary waste is produced by this event. Additionally, each rider also gets their own free shirt, along with a jersey by purchase.

About 600-700 volunteers are needed. Enough volunteers ensure the safety of the riders and provide a fun, community experience at each rest stop. They are also specifically looking for a bike mechanic! You can visit if you or anyone you know is interested in riding or volunteering!

A moment was also taken to honor Jerry Greene, a longtime rider of the Tour de Tonka, who unfortunately passed away this year.


  • Jenifer Loon made this week’s announcements. For the August 3rd meeting, there will be a Club Engagement Assembly. Members are encouraged to bring their ideas for speakers and fundraisers. 

  • Members should also bring crackers and/or money to donate to PROP.

  • For the August 10th meeting, we will be back in the ballroom at Bearpath! Contact Carol with any dietary needs for breakfast.

  • On September 7th, there will be no meeting as Bearpath is closed.

Vocational - Adam Seidel

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Adam Seidel was born in Edina, Minnesota. He and his family moved to Eden Prairie when he was five years old. He later married his wife in 2020, fortunately right before the pandemic hit. At Northwestern, Adam studied opera and mathematics, later going into economics and broadcasting. After graduating, he started his radio and TV broadcasting career in a small town. He later moved back to Eden Prairie to work for the Minnesota House of Representatives, where he was involved in budget management and economic development. In 2018, however, Adam left the House and became the Executive Director of Minnesota Conservative Energy Forum, which works on energy efficiency in business innovation. Adam now works at Siemens as the Senior Account Executive in Energy Performance Services. Siemens also focuses on sustainability while increasing energy efficiency. Furthermore, Adam has also been the School Board Chair of Eden Prairie Schools since 2015, working in his community alongside his busy career.

Happy Fives

  • Roger was happy that the Milwaukee Bucks won the 2021 NBA Championship.

  • Josh is happy to see that the number of kids back to in-person learning are stronger than ever after COVID.

  • John is happy about heading to Texas and learning more about hybrid learning.

  • Sharon is cheering for Team USA in the Olympics!