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Executive Director Cindy Eddy and Operations Manager Vicki Bomben - The Prop Shop
The 10th anniversary of the Prop Shop. Awarded a grant from the Foundation of Eden Prairie Schools for $2,600. Primary services include our food shelf, short-term financial help, support for low-income families with children and teens, and support for seniors and individuals with disabilities. PROP qualifies people to receive benefits from The Prop Shop. 12% of Eden Prairie is being served. 25 families a day with 1 visit per month. 2400 families; 5500 children.
Cindy’s message was people want to be self sustaining but they may run into difficulty or need support. The Prop Shop serves mothers and parents who cannot provide their own basic support. The Prop Shop has 2400 volunteers with 450 active at any one time. Ninety of the volunteers are children. They pick up furniture and beds but unfortunately can only use 20% of what they collect. They donate the rest to various organizations. At any time there are 50 to 60 people waiting for beds. Average family comes three or four times.
Vicki Bomben mentioned that poverty is hidden in our community. There are 25,000 donors who have helped. One woman commented that the Prop Shop affords her children a “piece of normalcy.” Greatest needs are beds, shoes, silverware and everyday household items.
  • Club Shirt Order
  • Stop the Trafficking 5K –Water Station Help - June 10
  • New Generations Exchange Update – other hosts July 24 – August 5 Activities
  • Ale Pena Gonzalez –Farewell pool party July 9, 2-4 pm at McGinty’s
  • Steven Rummler Hope Foundation – Rotary involvement
  • Chicken Challenge Final Update: 1,265 cans collected
  • The Rotary Foundation donation update: Goal $31,000 Pledged $25,901 from 53 members
  • Swallowship – Champs June 18th : 5:00 to 6:30 pm
Vocational: Beverly Aho
Bev grew up in Jackson, Michigan. Family and community is of Finnish Descent. Went to the same Finnish Lutheran Church that Brad went to. Bev attended Albion College where she earned a BA in Chemistry and Mathematics and lettered in two varsity sports. She then went on to earn an MBA at the Carlson School of Business, with areas of concentration in Finance and Marketing. Meanwhile Brad was on the U of M ski team and they became reacquainted. Bev then went on to earn a law degree at Hamline University of Law and married Brad.
An interesting note: Bev worked for Control Data and while there worked on the Strategic Defense Initiative and the Long Life Deep Space Missions. Both of these projects have come into the news recently. SDI in successfully shooting down an incoming missile in a recent test and deep space exploration which is being revitalized and will become a mission to Mars. Bev and Brad then founded Information Technology Solutions and then sold it in 2007. Bev worked for the James Gilbert Law Group and then founded her own law firm.
In 2014, Brad was diagnosed with cancer and had a successful stem cell transplant. Since his full recovery they have been enjoying scuba diving and water skiing. Brad and Bev have lived in Eden Prairie since 1991. They are excited for September when their daughter Anne and her husband Josh will be having a baby.
Happy Fines
  • Dick Ward – Dick was delivering meals as part of Meals on Wheels and a woman made him promise to thank everyone who is involved in the Meals on Wheels program.
  • Roger Jorgensen – mentioned his Father-in-Law is now a beneficiary of Meals on Wheels and it has made more of an impact on he and his wife Karen.
  • Dan O’Brien – Spent three days with his grand kids and although a very enjoyable time he is very happy to say he is enjoying the Rotary breakfast (alone).
  • Jeanne Zetah- Her husband has accepted a job in Tucson with Raytheon. Jeanne will stay in our club and they will keep their EP home but will probably summer in Tucson.
OK Sun Mun – Guest of Dennis Kim
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Kwan Han Sun Mun – Guest of Dennis Kim
David Esposito – Prospective Member
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Ale Pena Gonzalez – Exchange Student
Interns - Stella Lindbergh, Carter Mason, and Bailey DeMets