May be an image of 1 person and eyeglassesOur speaker and fellow Rotarian, Robb Hiller joined us Tuesday to speak about his life journey through cancer and the books he has been fortunate enough to write. Robb is a certified professional behavior analyst, results coach, and talent assessment expert who has evaluated more than 25,000 individuals, everyone from business-to-business sales staff to senior managers at Fortune 500 companies. He was recently awarded the Bill J. Bonnstetter Lifetime Achievement Award for his extensive work in evaluating talent. He resides in Minnesota and is a business graduate of St. Olaf College. For Robb, helping people discover and develop their natural talents is more than a career it’s a calling. He has seen the difference it makes when people utilize their gifts to their full potential. A man of strong spiritual faith, Robb believes that guiding people toward their purpose is both a gift and a mission. That same faith enhanced by the principles that make up the Power of 3 enabled Robb to overcome the devastating diagnosis of three cancers in 2017. His first novel, The Power of 3, will dramatically cut your stress, help you overcome challenges in your life, and will help you become a better leader, coach, and person. The Power of 3, provides a step-by-step guide to this practical and proven method that will help anyone, at any time, navigate the many trials of life. When you employ all three points of the Power of 3: ask, activate, and advocate, they reinforce each other, increasing their effect exponentially and moving you from overwhelmed to overcoming. In the end, as you live in the triangle, hope will light your path to success in every way. You’ll know you can confidently face tomorrow, whatever it brings! Today, all traces of those cancers and leukemia, are gone. Robb loves to help people overcome adversity and move forward in life by spreading the message of the Power of 3 to the world. Now Robb has written another novel, Running with joy. This book is the follow-up to The Power of 3 and exemplifies 5 principles that will bring back your passion. Allow Bentley to guide you so you can tap into your natural talents and“Run with Joy.”  

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