Eagle Scouts of America
Eagle Scout Advancement – Boy Scouts of America, Dan Beard CouncilOn Tuesday, November 9th, troop 479 presented on their Eagle Scout projects. 3 Eden Prairie High Schoolers joined us to share what they have done or what they would like to achieve for their projects. Ryan Donohue a 10th grader started off this presntation Tuesday. Ryan enjoys playing soccer for the high school as well as participating in activities. He has been in scouts since first grade and enjoys the monthly meetings as well as the hiking trips in New Mexico. Ryan's plans to refurbish/rebuild the Cedar Ridge Elementary School baseball field for his Eagle Scout. The baseball field has been out of commission for many years and he would love to see it be used by all ages of kids again. Blake Bidwell spoke next during our meeting. Blake is a 9th grader at Ep and enjoys playing baseball for the high school. Blake has ben in scouts since kindergarten. His Eagle Scout project is to build dugouts for youth baseball. His plan is to construct overhead structures at Eden Lake Elementary School, to protect our youth from all elemts. He could use all the help he can get, so dont be afriad to reach out. Finally, Leo Johnson spoke on the Eagle Scout project he completed. Leo is also a 10th grader and is a part of the wrestling program. Leo constructed and rebuilt the fire ring at Pax Christi Church. He put in over 200 hours of time and labor into this project and it turned out beautiful. Jason Bidwell, Scout Master, has always told these young men that "they can do it" and to live by the scout laws. Eagle scouts are out in the commuity every day and are always looking to help. All in all, this scout led troup has made a huge impact on our community and will continue to do so for many years. 



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