Marianna Khauv

District Governor of Rotary District 5950
Marianna Khauv selected as DG for 2021-22 | District 5950This past Tuesday we were lucky enough to hear from the District Governor of Rotary District 5950, Marianna Khauv. During our time together she told us all about her family and plans for the Rotary. She explained her story on coming to America and how she met her husband, Onn, who was a refugee from Cambodia. Together they had three children. She talked about how she has also lived with her mother her whole life. Marianna was discussing with the Rotarians what makes Rotary so special. She also explained who will be the District Manager after her. Lloyd Campbell is supposed to take on her position after her, so then Lloyd decided to say a few words. Later on we moved into talking about how there is a goal set by the Monticello Rotary to end Polio. Marianna gave the EPAM Rotary our own club piggy bank to raise money for Polio. They have been raising money for years now and was presented a check granted by the Interact club through the high school in Monticello. Interact club is a service club that is partnered up with the Rotary, and the Rotarians are working towards bringing Interact clubs to more high schools. The hope is that the members of the Interact club will become Rotary members when they are older. It was great to hear from a fellow Rotarian, thank you Marianna!

Happy Fives

A Rotarian was happy about connecting with friends while on his trip over the past couple weeks.


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