Posted by Mark Weber
Todd Eberhardt, Dynasty Leadership Consulting: Effective Delegation
Your organization’s employees and committees can work more effectively by following a delegation process outlined at our Oct. 9 meeting by program speaker Todd Eberhardt, founder and CEO of Dynasty Leadership Consulting.
Todd used a club fundraiser as the example for how a “Dynasty Delegation Filter” process can help lead to two or three things to focus on in order to create better outcomes. The process works by defining the ideal results you want your committee or organization to attain, and then identifying several “best situation” and “worst situation” scenarios that can arise. From that you can more easily come up with two or three priorities on which to focus in pursuit of the ideal results.
It’s helpful if you keep the priorities and their inherent goals/targets positive and forward looking, said Todd.
You can find more tips about effective delegation and other leadership tools at Dynasty Leadership’s website at
The numbers were down but not the enthusiasm at our annual Vino Classico with a Craft Beer Chaser, held last weekend. All club members helped, but a few people worked pretty much the entire day, including Dan O’Brien, Becky Deelstra, Craig Blixrud, John Estall, and Irene Kelly. Watch for sign-up sheets in advance of the Nov. 12 Veterans Day Luncheon.
Spotlight on Lyndon Moquist
Club member Lyndon Moquist took a risk several years ago, agreeing to run the Eden Prairie office of Edina Realty after succeeding at another Edina Realty office before that. The EP office had just 32 people when he took over, but it has more than twice that number today and it not only has a record of living up to the Edina Realty ideals of honesty, integrity, and commitment but also is outstanding in giving back to the community. Lyndon says he has “outkicked his coverage” in other ways, and his wife and two daughters are examples. Thank you, Lyndon, for an outstanding first year with A.M. Rotary.
Happy Fives
We’re happy and willing to donate $5 (or more) to The Rotary Foundation to prove it. Suzanne Kutina is happy about a recent alumni speaker event held by Foundation for Eden Prairie Schools and the school board re- election bid by Lauren Crandell, whom she introduced to club members. PG Narayanan is happy that the recent Twin Cities Marathon jogged his memory of the achievement that was his first marathon, run several years ago. Elaine is thrilled with the great club response to wine donations for the Vino Classico “Wall of Wine” and also happy that her daughter has multiple internship offers. Jeanne Zetah is happy but also bittersweet about loading up the moving vans this week and heading to her new home of Tucson. Kelly Salwei is happy about his daughter’s recent wedding. Bev Aho is happy about husband Brad’s recent acclaim as the southwest area’s best council member. Kevin Kraemer is happy about seeing his daughter settle in at the University of Nebraska. And Carol Bomben, fittingly, is happy to rally the club to wish Jeanne Zetah a bon voyage and thanks for outstanding service to Eden Prairie.