March 23rd, 2021 Meeting Preview

Rick Getschow, City Manager of City of Eden Prairie

City Updates

Rick Getschow is the city manager of the City of Eden Prairie. As the city manager, he is accountable to the Council for effective administration of City business. He also oversees the day-to-day operations of the Administration Department and hires City staff. Additionally, the city’s five core service departments are led by directors who report to the City manager. On March 23rd, Rick Getschow will be updating the Rotary about the City of Eden Prairie.

March 16th Meeting Notes

Pat Mulqueeny, President of the Chamber of Commerce

City Updates

MulQueeny: Biggest issues are taxes and regulations | Eden Prairie  Education |
Pat Mulqueeny, President of the Chamber of Commerce, talked about the city updates that are occurring.  Pat started talking about the missions, leaders for community prosperity, and advocating for businesses. In addition, their vision is to ensure prosperity in the community by promoting commerce, and by enhancing the members' business success through leadership, advocacy, and growth opportunities. Then Pat talks about the overview of the Eden Prairie Chamber of Commerce. The commerce has over 300 business members which are representing over 34,000 area employees. The commerce also has over 85 volunteers serving on committees and task forces. Businesses utilize the chamber of commerce mostly for the programs and networking, public policy, and providing a voice for businesses, workforce initiatives, and numerous other services. Some notable events of 2020 include Transportation Summits/Updates and Business@ Breakfast networking. 
Then Pat transitioned to talk about COVID-19 impact on the Eden Prairie Chamber of Commerce. First, the pandemic had a major impact on a business starting in March 2020. The chamber switched to massive information sharing and communications providing daily updates to help businesses.  Gathering business information and impacts to share with elected officials is another way the chamber of commerce tried to help. The Chamber also helped businesses in the following:
  • Meet with MN DEED Commissioner Grove weekly to discuss issues and how to help businesses
  • Communicate with Congressman Philips on PPP and other relief bills - what more can be done
  • Distribute 100,000 facemasks to local businesses free of charge
Next, Pat talked about the promotional pieces that the Chamber of Commerce continued to do in 2020. They hosted a zoom meeting to continue some of the events they have offered. Pat expressed how the Chamber of Commerce is strong on advocacy, which is to grow the influence of the Eden Prairie business community through proactive advocacy and thoughtful public policy initiatives. 
2021 Eden Prairie Chamber of Commerce priorities is to support employers and employees throughout the COVID-19 pandemic by:
  • Tax reforms and small business grants 
  • Lawsuit liability protections
  • Enhance connectivity and broadband
  • Maximize the opportunity to bring students safely back for in-person instruction
  • PPP Loan Tax Forgiveness - PPP loans are taxable in MN unless the MN Legislature passes legislation to conform to federal tax law changes
  • Ensuring high-quality, affordable health care
  • Maintaining benefit flexibility for employers
  • Promoting cost-efficient energy, sustainability 
Lastly, Pat talked about the Chamber of Commerce help with business prosperity. He closed by talking about how the Commerce will push for the opening plan and help businesses plan on moving forward - order food, products, staffing, marketing, facilities, and safety protocols, etc.


  • Nathan reminds the club about the link to request or suggest speakers. He also asks those to request some local businesses in Eden Prairie. 
  • Tim Conners talks about the new webpage that focuses on Rotary's seventh area of focus - protecting the environment.
  • Craig makes an announcement on Flying Cloud Fields clean up. March 24th from 8-11 am. Bags and other items will be provided. Sign up for the event in clubrunner. 

Vocational - Dennis Kim

Dennis started at the back of his presentation. He is apart of EVS, based in Eden Prairie, and has been running it for 40 years. They have 80 plus employees, more than 4,000 MW solar projects, and a leader in solar battery system design. Dennis is also apart of the Rotary Youth Exchange. Dennis then talked about his family and the things that they enjoy, the arboretum. 

Happy Fives 

  • John Crudele is happy to talk about a peace bunny book, written by a 16-year-old who started a non-profit with comfort bunnies. 
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