Outbound Program for School Year or Summer 
Are you interested in living and studying abroad either during your high school years or for a gap year right after graduation
Would you like to travel and live with a high school student's family for a month and then host them for a month during the summer?
For more information, call Jane McGinty at 612-388-0337  or to start applying, click here
Inbound Program - Hosting Opportunity
Our club has sponsored inbound Rotary Youth Exchange students from many countries over the years.  Students attend Eden Prairie High School and generally live with 3 different host families during their 10-11-month stay, generally for 3-4 months with each familiy.  RYE students learn a lot about life in our city and country through their host families,  through Rotarians who invite them to various activities, through students and staff at their school, and through connections they make in the community
They also become close with RYE students from other countries who are sponsored by other Rotary clubs in Districts 5950 and 5960 through orientations, country fair, district conference, and an end-of-year trip to the East Coast.
If you'd consider hosting a Rotary Youth Exchange from another country, please contact Jane McGinty, our club's RYE officer at 612-388-0337 or jane.mcginty0511@gmail.com