Stability and Excellence for our Future
Aug 23, 2022
Josh Swanson
Stability and Excellence for our Future

Dr. Josh Swanson, a member of our club, will be speaking about the upcoming referendum that seeks to increase the operating levy for or schools.

Dr. Swanson began his duties as superintendent of Eden Prairie Schools on August 21, 2017 and a part of district leadership since joining the district in October of 2012. Prior to his tenure in Eden Prairie Schools, Dr. Swanson previously worked within the Wayzata and Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose school districts. He has served as a paraprofessional, teacher, coach, middle school athletic director, assistant principal, consultant, student support services administrator, director of technology and information services. Dr. Swanson also worked for Merrill Corporation, a Fortune 500 company, prior to starting his career in education and brings that experience to his work.

Dr. Swanson is passionate about student and adult learning, continuous improvement, k-12 education, and technology. The work of his teams has resulted in increased learning and access through research based instructional practice and the use of technology. He led one of the first “bring your own device” initiatives in the state of Minnesota, and has collaboratively implemented a digital conversion in Eden Prairie Schools. This initiative ensures each student has access, empowers students and staff, and opens new doors as learning is personalized.