NOT ME! Assault Prevention
May 15, 2018
Suzanne Kutina
NOT ME! Assault Prevention
Experience an overview of "NOT ME! Assault Prevention Training" for adults and learn about being safer in your everyday life!
This training is poised to be the perfect partner for Rotary in combating human trafficking.  NOT ME! allows Rotarians to focus time and resources on the prevention of sexual assaults of children, which is the precursor for 80%-90% of trafficked victims; and leads to many negative consequences for the victim and for society. 
The prevention plan is two fold: 
  1. Protect the potential victim from sexual assault.
  2. Remove the potential buyer of the trafficked victim for sex.

Protect the potential victim from sexual assault with "Super Hero Kids/NOT ME! Assault Prevention Training" by training children to recognize, stop and prevent recurrence of "groomed" sexual assaults.

Remove the potential buyer by changing boy's/men's hearts with "NOT ME! Assault Prevention Training" so that they want no part of non-consensual sex and stand up to help vulnerable women.  
Sponsor training in local schools individually or through corporate donations.  Additionally, use the "GET & GIVE" campaign:  GET adult safety training for yourself and "NOT ME!" will give $10 (each) towards training in your local schools!