On August 10th, Carolyn Wieland joined us for our Tuesday morning meeting back in the ballroom at Bearpath to inform us about the importance of recycling and composting to maintain a greener household. Carolyn completed a training course all about recycling and composting through a Hennepin County source; making her a recycling expert!

She started off her presentation by quizzing us on what can be recycled and what can not be. Many were shocked on the outcome of how many of the products shown that we thought could be recycled were really not recyclable! Seeing this opened everyones eyes because she proclaimed that recycling certain items that shouldn't be recycled can sometimes do more harm than good. Moving forward she explained that there are different types of recycling facilities; some with machinery doing the work, and some with people sorting the recycling. Carolyn then shared about how you are able to compost in your own backyard. She told us all about unique ways she and her family compost throughout the seasons. Carolyn shared about her families experience when participating in the Hennepin County Zero Waste Challenge in 2019 and how they decided to make substantial changes to their purchasing and waste diversion habits. Overall, she was very helpful in bettering our knowledge on the importance of recycling and provided us with great tips for living a greener and more sustainable lifestyle.

Carolyn left the Rotary members thinking of ways they can help the environment. At the end, there was plenty of sharing of ideas in order to help one another out with their newly found recycling journeys. 



  • No meeting September 7th because Bearpath is closed

Happy Fives:

  • A couple members shared about their grandchildren and how big they are getting. With ones youngest becoming a teen, and ones oldest graduating high school!