Steve Cwodzinski - Update on the Legislative Senate

Steve Cwodzinski was the speaker at the Rotary meeting where he discussed a legislation update. Steve started by talking about how the legislature is different this year. There are no children visiting the capital and there are no lobbyists. He then transitioned to talking about how the close the capital is divided which is 33 to 31. He informed the club that democrats are in control of the House of Representatives. Then he talked about how he is on the civility caucus committee. This committee is to find common ground between the two parties. Steve then emphasized how politicians have a balancing act between conscious and constituents. 
Steve Cwodzinski transitioned to talking about a bill he tried to introduce. It is called the Veterans Restorative Justice Act. This bill is meant to help veterans who are suffering from post-traumatic stress from their service and commit a nonviolent felony they won't go into the criminal justice system, instead, they will go into a veterans court system and figure out mental health issues and the next steps. He informed the club that this bill would save taxpayers a million dollars a year. The bill was outvoted 34-33. But, when the same bill was introduced by a republican the vote was unanimous in favor of the bill. 
Since the bill was only passed due to a Republican introducing the bill, Steve emphasized how he is advocating to reduce biased. He discussed how he is "trying to reach to better angles" and not let biases impact the legislature's progress.
In addition to the bill for veterans restorative justice, the club was informed on other bills, such as a bill for the boy scouts, which allows them to get into the schools better and inform children about their mission, and a bill for firefighters, which is called Hometown Heros and is where they will give 7 million dollars for firefights. 


Tim Conners: New Area of Focus - Tim wanted to inform the club about the email he had been receiving on the environment. If you would like to tell him what you are interested in about the environment, you can email him. 

Vocational - Pei Ling Jamison

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Pei Ling shared how she comes from parents who have immigrated and how she has experienced a lot of firsts, such as graduating from high school and college. She now has reembarked on those firsts during the pandemic. Some of the first she has done with her family include going to Grand Miras for the first time and jet skiing with dolphins for the first time. She encouraged the club to create a list of the firsts you have done and the firsts you hope to do. 

Happy Fives

Roger Jorgensen - Roger is happy to thank Frank Sherwood for all his efforts to coordinate and have the Rotary Rocks the Prairie event run smoothly.
Time Conners - Tim is excited to share how he is working on a project at Camp Rising Sun to put up solar panels. He is also happy to thank Dennis for helping with the website.
Pei Ling Jamison - Pei Ling is happy that the lunar new year is this Friday. It is the year of the ox, which resembles strong and hardworking.