Above & Beyond Celebration

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John Estall started by thanking all the people who were a part of the annual Rotary Above & Beyond Celebration process. He then shared more information about the celebration. 
The celebration started 15 years ago by a Rotarian Presiden who was also the superintendent. They wanted to celebrate those who have overcome adversity and go above and beyond during their High School years. They are students who are an inspiration to others, demonstrate integrity, show an improvement in grades through adversity, and exhibit the Rotary's 4-way test. The event usually occurs in the East Commons of the High School but was celebrated virtually this year. The celebration also brings in a past award-winning to return and share their experiences. Ezra Davidson-Long, a 2017 recipient, returned to share her experience. 
Then John played the video, Eden Prairie Above & Beyond Ceremony 2021. Lastly, He gave thanks to the Rotary club to continue this event and give a $150 book stipend to all the recipients.

tribute to Terry Hutchins and gives thanks to all the Rotarians that also attended.


  • Jon Melander made an announcement to the club about looking for organizations for Rotary to partner with a grant. We have already helped Praf's Treehouse and Meals of Wheels. You can request grant forms from the website or Jon Melander.
  • Praf announced returning to hybrid meetings. There will more information coming soon, but he requested 6-8 people to help run the hybrid meetings. In addition, he informed the club that Bearpath will be charging the club to use the ballroom for 30 members whether there are 30 attendees or not. 
  • Jenifer Loon will be sending an email regarding PROP Shop asking to donate crackers for the Chicken Challenge, Summer Food for Kids. 

Vocational - Amy Nyren

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This was Amy Nyren's first vocational. Amy Nyren first started talking about her childhood. She had parents who were in the AirForce. She was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, and lived in both Florida and Bitburg, Germany. Then she moved to Minnetonka, MN, and graduated from Hopkins High School. Amy attended the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire where she doubled majored in psychology and Spanish language and literature. She then attended Minnesota State University - Mankato where she received a Master of Public Administration. Amy talked about how she enjoys traveling and has been to Peru, and she also studied abroad in Valladolid, Spain. Currently, Amy is working on a Master of Science in Data Science at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. 

Happy Fives:

  • PG was happy to give to happy fives. One for his daughter-in-law who was admitted into Bethel University doctorate program. His daughter is moving to Minnesota to be a psychologist at Eden Prairie High School. 
  • Jan Eian did a ten-dollar happy five to commemorate Gardiner, who led the ABC House, who recently died from COVID.
  • Dan O'Brien is happy to announce that his grandson turned 6 last month. His daughter Molly is the new director for early childhood education in Minnetonka. His son, Tom, just purchased a house in Minnetonka. Lastly, Dan announced that he was back in Minnesota and looks forward to seeing everyone. 
  • George Esbensen also did a ten-dollar happy five for the golf event at Bearpath. They have sold out and appreciates everyone's support. 
  • Dick Ward was happy to shout out Pei Ling Jamison for being helpful and giving himself and his wife Martha guidance. 
  • Blake is excited to announce that his daughters will be in Master's programs this year.
  • Tim Conners is happy to announce that he is 18 days past his second dose and is attending swallows.
  • Jenifer Loon is excited that she is two weeks past her second dose of the vaccine and attended