Jennifer Gaines

Affective Sober Living by JCS - Human Trafficking Prevention Among Vulnerable Populations

Jennifer begin her talk to the club by reading one of her first speeches she wrote. Her speech told the story of her past, growing up being abused and sexuality assulted and trafficked by her father. She found herself addicted to drugs and alcohol. She has been to treatment 13 times and struggled the most keeping sober after her treatment. She also found it hard to be able to discuss her prostitution without judgment. These events empowered her to start her own sober homes. These homes are homes that people can live in as they transition out of treatment back into their lives. They lives with other women who have been through similar situations and are connected with resources  to help them with their transition. 
Jennifer opened her first Sober home in 2018 in Minneapolis. She is in partnership with NUWay and MASH who assist with helping give services and accreditation. In this home there are around 10 beds for the women. In September of 2019 Jennifer opened her 2nd home, in memory of her son who was killed in a car accident. This home can house 13 women. 
Jennifer ended her talk by thanking EP AM Rotary for giving her the space to talk today. She said the best way to make an impact is to donate directly to organization  that are helping women. She noted that while education is important, lots of organizations are underfunded  and need support. She also thanked her mentor an Edina Rotary member and other for helping her on her journey.


PG Narayanan was born in Kerala, India. His father was rice farmer and his mother never went to school. PG lived in India for his first 18 years before moving over to the US. He first attended community college, before going to Northeastern to get a degree in electrical engineering. He went back to Northeastern to receive a masters in electrical engineering as well.  He is founder and CEO of SmiForce, an IT analytics software company based in Eden Prairie. He and his family have lived in Eden Prairie since 1999. PG is also very well traveled clocking in over 1.5 million miles on Delta Airlines in past 5 years. PG ended by expressing his gratitude for living in the United States and Eden Prairie.  


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