Mission Trip to the Phillipines
May 22, 2018
John Crudele
Mission Trip to the Phillipines

Our guest speaker is our own, EP AM Rotary member John Crudele. He will share his experiences and discoveries from 38 days of travel, throughout the Philippines, as a volunteer missionary with Risen Savior Missions. 

RSM is an interfaith Christian charity. A hungry little child does not know what faith they are, they just know they are starving. Over the past 12 years, RSM has shipped 83 million meals to the Philippines. Through their 1,500 holistic feeding sites, they have reversed malnutrition in more than one million children and their emergency disaster-relief food shipments have saved another quarter of a million children.

They distribute Feed My Starving Children meals (that we pack), yet through their integrated, nutrition, education and livelihood programs, RSM has transformed entire villages and Islands. For the first time, an organization has sustainably reversed malnutrition from 25% to 1.75% for an entire island of over 250,000 people. This is a message (and photos) of hope that offers deep insights and speaks to your heart. It’s a reminder of what’s possible when we take the next step and live from a place of … “Service Above Self.”