VJ Smith


VJ Smith leads the Minneapolis Chapter of MAD DADS (Men Against Destruction, Defending Against Drugs and Social-disorder) with the help of other organizations committed to mentoring at-risk youth on the streets.  He has a passion to see the lives of young people who are heading in the wrong direction turn around through the work of MAD DADS and its volunteers.  VJ has led these volunteers onto the streets at night to bring wise counsel and a listening ear to young men and women who have never experienced a relationship with a real caring adult. VJ is a turnaround specialist; he has turned around his life, as well as his community and youth in Minneapolis. MAD DADS was formed to mobilize strong drug-free men of faith to reclaim their neighborhood, one child at a time.  The volunteers of MAD DADS have spent numerous hours on the streets bringing positive, proactive advice and progressive involvement with troubled youth.