Meeting Notes: 

Greg Pavett joined us this past Tuesday to talk about his own business, The Humanity Alliance. The Humanity Alliance team has a proven track record of designing and launching results-driven, disruptive, innovative products. They have experienced success time and time again when faced with solving difficult challenges—and have managed to solve them within budget-neutral environments for some of the most challenging customers in the world.

Their initial focus is providing improved access to nutrition to people who are food insecure and was inspired by a group of Minneapolis high school students. These students and their families are disproportionately held back by the catastrophic health outcomes tied to food insecurity. They are inspired to serve communities where food insecurity and chronic disease continue to create barriers that have a lasting impact.

Lastly, They challenge traditional thinking about resource constraints, both human and financial, within the community including community-based organizations, funders, innovators, community members, and entrepreneurs alike to address and serve the systemic inequities that keep our communities from thriving.