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Baird left a business career ten years ago in search of a solution to his daughter’s classroom challenges. In second grade, they noticed that their daughter had a hard time learning to read. They had her tested at Learning Rx. She began a structured program and she will graduate near the top of her class at EPHS this year.
Our brain skills peak in our 20’s and start decreasing from then on but mental abilities can be trained. This requires practice and mental exercise usually involving one on one personal training 3-4 times a week for three to nine months. Average IQ gain from program participants is fourteen points. Brain training changes can become permanent and can help people at any age. In Q and A Baird said that our brains can be trained to tune out distractions, and contrary to popular belief our brains do produce new brain cells they are just not incorporated. This can be changed through training.
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  • 4/16 to 20 - Meals on Wheels. See John Goergen if you can help.
  • 4/19 - Ethics Luncheon at Edina CC
  • 4/28 - EP Gives, 6-11:30 p.m. at Oak Ridge Conference Center
  • 4/30 – Above and Beyond
  • 5/5 – Park Clean-up, 8-11 a.m. at Flying Cloud fields
  • 5/8 – Strive Breakfast at Community Center
  • 5/21 District Conference at Guthrie. Marilyn Carlson-Nelson will provide keynote address.
  • 6/19 – Irene Kelly inauguration
  • 6/23 to 6/27 RI in Toronto
  • 6/30 – 7/25 Yura Koh, Rotary New Generation college student from North Korea will be visiting this summer. See Dennis Kim if you can be host family or provide opportunity to visit your business.
  • Jane McGinty thanked all who helped with Rotary Youth Exchange including host families. Jane reported that Trini is back home and Jeanne read a thank you note from Trini. We will be hosting Judith a fifteen-year- old girl from Spain. She will be a sophomore at EPHS. She enjoys travel, reading, writing, tennis and cats. Three host families will be needed. See Jane if you can help.
John, recently back from a mission trip to the Philippines, shared some thoughts regarding the impact of the experience on him and the enrichment from helping the hungry youth in the poorest parts of the Philippines. John shared a little about his family history including the loss of both of his parents when he was young. These life experiences have shaped who he is and the impact those events had on his own struggles. John credits Rotary for helping him deal with his issues. As a speaker John has delivered 4500 speeches to over two million people. He shared some humorous notes he has received from school children over the years.
  • Elaine Larabee – reported both children have summer jobs in their chosen fields for the summer.
  • John Crudele – memorialized his mother and father.
  • Jay Simpson – thanked everyone who helped with painting home for homeless youth last Saturday.
  • Jeanne Zetah – happy her son attended today’s meeting after having received his PhD in Physics and looking forward to her cataract surgery.
  • Jane McGinty –was in Maple Grove for a volleyball tournament and stopped by Biaggi’s and visited with Gary Chanen who misses EPAM Rotary. Jane reported that they recently remodeled restaurant and it was very nice.
Matt Bellus - Guest
Abby Schrader - Guest
Margie Schrader - Guest
Morgan Blixrud - Student Intern