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Jon Kaufman

H2OpenDoors - Rotary Intl. Water Project

Jon Kaufman shared information about H2O Open Doors where they install water purification plants to help purify water in less developed areas, such as Thailand, the Philippines, Mexico, Guatemala, Uganda, etc. 

The water purification plants are certified to process approximately a gallon per day for ten thousand people which equates to ten thousand gallons per day. Some of the water purification plants are enterprises which provide the opportunity for villages to earn money. One village can earn revenue of approximately $100,000 USD per year. 

Jon Kaufman also discussed some of the additional projects, such as eyeglass wear and computer labs, that are performed contemporaneously during the installation of the water purification pants.

Jon Kaufman then went on to discuss his new product where he creates a personalized mask which some of the proceeds benefit H2O Open Doors. (


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Spotlight on Carol Bomben

Carol was born in British Columbia, Canada. She later moved to the Palo Alto, California area where her father worked in civil and structural engineering. Carol attended Sonoma State University for college where she met her husband, Ken. She graduated with her Bachelor of Science Chemistry from Sonoma State University. Carol and Ken married and moved to Oregon. Carol worked as a phlebotomist in a hospital and took electrocardiograms. Carol and Ken moved to Minnesota and while raising her three daughters, Carol was actively involved in their school and served on the school board for 16 years. Carol later served on the state school board for 6 years. Carol later was a General Manager at the Preserve Association. Carol is currently working on being retired in the time of covid.

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