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Ed Johnson: Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge

Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge’s work in the area of drug and alcohol prevention, treatment, and recovery are was outlined to Eden Prairie A.M. Rotarians on Aug. 27.
The work is substantial. At any given time, the nonprofit organization is helping 700-plus individuals in Minnesota through 11 facilities and approximately 500 employees around the state, according to Ed Johnson, who serves as director of development. About 1 in 9 persons struggles with drug or alcohol addiction, and many of those get help from Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge.
The organization has four main areas, including: a “Know the Truth” prevention program presented in school assemblies and classrooms; a licensed treatment program that is typically 7-90 days; a faith-based recovery program that lasts 12-15 months; and a transition and after-care program.
These programs are critically important for several reasons, among them the fact that drug-overdose deaths have been trending upward and every $1 spent on prevention saves $18 in future costs. 
About 75 percent of those who graduate from Challenge’s long-term program are still clean six months later, according to Johnson. “Seventy-five percent is pretty significant, and we’re proud of that,” he added.
You can learn more about the organization and its services at


We met Ricky, our newest exchange student, who is from Brazil. Our Sept. 3 meeting will be at Boulay. The Sept. 10 meeting will serve as town hall assembly meeting. On Sept. 17 the program is by club member George Esbensen and feature the MnFire Initiative. A joint Swallowship meeting with the Noon Rotary Club will be held Sept. 26 at Tavern 4 & 5. The next meeting of EPAM Rotary women is Oct. 3.

Happy Fives

We’re happy and we’ll happily pay to share our stories. Jenifer Loon is happy about her youngest daughter landing a new job following college graduation in May. Jane McGinty is happy to present two Rotary club flags from Shanghai, China, obtained during a business trip. Jon Melander is feeling a bit of empty-nest syndrome after having delivered his youngest daughter to Arizona State University. Steve Cwodzinski is happy to report that he spent part of his trip to Europe reconnecting with Germans who had earlier visited Eden Prairie. Dan O’Brien is happy to have celebrated another trip around the sun. Jeanne Zetah is happy to be visiting her former club after having settled in Tucson where she has – to no one’s surprise – become involved in Rotary. Cathy Carlson, Jon Melander’s mother-in-law, is happy to relay information about a Sept. 12 fundraiser by Minnetonka Rotary.


Rick Artiero - RYE Student
Todd Bollig - Rotarian
Cathy Carlson - Rotarian
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Jeanne Zetah - Rotarian
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