Rebeccah Parks- Public Information Officer

Rebeccah Parks Photography
On Tuesday, August 9th, Rebeccah parks came into our club to talk about the justice and democracy centers in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. It exists for people to learn about understanding the rule of the law and the rule of an independent judiciary. This project has raised over 1 million dollars and plans to branch out to school systems to connect to students. 5000 students come in every year via summer camps, in person, and online. She explained that not everyone can come in-person, so the online site provides a gateway for students to learn. She talked about the St. Paul area that plans on using interactive screens and displays to keep students engaged. 


- Pop up for PROP event at Jerry's Eden Prairie on 8/12/22 9 AM to 1 PM
- Lake Street Event: Ecuadorian Independence Day Celebration: August 21st volunteer opportunity
- Pool party for Anna on 8/28/22