Posted by Kelly Salwei

Eden Prairie AM Rotary Holiday Party

Members gathered with family and friends to celebrate the Holiday Season. We were greeted by the beautiful sounds of the Eden Prairie High School Concert Chamber Choir including 23 students under the direction of Julie Cantoch who has been directing the group for 29 years.
Exchange students Clementine and Ricky shared Christmas traditions in their home countries. Jane McGinty presented EP hoodies to Ricky and Clementine for Christmas. Jay Simpson then read There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell while being accompanied by bells rung by the children in attendance. Elves in training, Jon and Roger assisted.
The meeting concluded with the Choir singing a few more songs and introducing themselves and sharing their post-secondary plans.






  • Bob Starr announced that EPAM Rotary Foundation can now accept stock gifts after Kevin Kraemer’s assistance in setting up an account.
  • Carol Bomben and Jon Melander discussed grant process and welcomed any volunteers to serve on grants committee.
  • Brad Aho announced a planning meeting to plan winter fundraiser.
  • Roger Jorgensen and John Estall introduced Jason and Allison from Scheels who announced that the new Scheels in EP will open 8/1/2020 employing 300 people.


Ricky Arteiro
Colin Beyer
Marcus Beyer
Ally Cadwallader
Claire Carlson
Clemetine Depierpont
Anne Donahue
Brooke Donahue
Kaitlyn Donahue
Kevin Gao
Evie Jamison
Leela Jamison
Terry Jamison
Julie Kantak
Kayla Keddie
Conor Kellebrew
Brian Kelly
Connor Kelly
Grace Kelly
Matt Kelly
Myles Kelly
Chloe Larson
Scott Larson
Stacy Larson
Bridget Mastroianni
Darin Mastroianni
Sloan Mastroianni
Chris McGinty
Ian McGinty
Krista McGinty
Madeline McGinty
Mary O’Brien
Abigail Swanson
Max Swanson