2018 holiday party

Members gathered with family and friends to celebrate the Holiday Season. We were greeted by the beautiful sounds of the Eden Prairie High School Concert Chamber Choir including 20 students under the direction of Julie Cantoch who has been directing the group for 28 years.
Jenifer Loon emceed the party including the holiday sweater competition which was won by Madeline McGinty. Jay Simpson then read There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell while being accompanied by bells rung by the children in attendance.
The meeting concluded with the Choir singing a few more songs and introducing themselves and sharing their post-secondary plans.
Photos will be posted on the website shortly!


Dave Duca
Four members of Matt Crane Family
Three members of Pei Ling Jamison Family
Two members of Josh Swanson Family
Holly Link’s husband
Five members of Irene Kelly Family
Dick Ward’s wife
Jan Eian’s grandson
Gene Storm’s two grandchildren
Jane McGinty Family
Two of Kurt Kraemer’s daughters
Two members of Adam Sienkowski Family
Judit’s host families
Morgan Blixrud (former EPAM intern) and daughter of Craig
Nine members of Dan O’Brien Family
Student Interns: Molly Zeller, Patrick Yang and Noah Stuhr