Posted by Kelly Salwei
Former District Governor Tim Murphy told the story of Sandy Schley’s chance meeting with Moses in Nairobi, Kenya. This story actually begins in 1985, when John Schwarz founded Kinyago Dandora, a school in the Mathare Valley in Nairobi, Kenya. District 5950 provided support and continues supporting the area. In 2007 Sandy Schley (another former District Governor) was on a Water and Sanitation Project trip to the area with the District when a young boy with severely crossed eyes grabbed her by the leg. In 2008 Sandy went back to do a community needs assessment and during the intervening year she could not forget Moses. Sandy met a surgeon who said he could fix Moses’ eyes.
In 2010 Rotary raised the money to bring Moses to the Twin Cities where Moses received the eye surgery and dental work (by Angela Wandera). Moses who will turn 13 next week was introduced to the club. Moses attends a private Christian School and likes to play soccer and play trumpet, keyboard and trombone. While in Minnesota he will be visiting Faribault Woolen Mills, the Mall of America and other sites as well as a dental appointment with Angela.
David Waithaka and Su Mwaraniemba sing the invocation for our meeting.
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Dave shared that he is known for “praying for 35 below zero weather”. He grew up playing hockey in Edina and learned to ski on a hill in their back yard. He taught skiing (cold weather sports) for ten years. Attended University of Minnesota and worked for Bobby and Steve’s (starting and towing vehicles, often in cold weather). Began working at Goodall Manufacturing selling jump starting equipment and ended up buying the business. After suffering a stroke in 2016 he decided to sell the business.
  • Dan O’Brien – $6 happy fine ($1 for each Christmas Tree in his house)
  • Jeanne Zetah – happy to be back in MN (from Tucson, AZ) for the holidays