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Rob Thompson - Performing Institute of Minnesota Arts High School

Rob Thompson's journey with Performing Institute of Minnesota Arts High School (PiM) was one of dedication and growth. From his beginnings as a Theatre teacher in 2006 to his current role as Director of Communications and Development, Rob had witnessed the school evolve into a hub of artistic exploration and academic excellence. Rob has been with PiM for over 15 years and has demonstrated his appreciation and love for the arts.
PiM Arts High School has gained national recognition, serving as a testament to its mission as a “community dedicated to the artistic and academic growth of every learner.” With a statement centered on the holistic growth of its students, PiM stands as an inclusive community, supporting each individual and recognizing differences amongst all its students and staff. Beyond the arts, PiM produces talents in various industries and boasts wide academic offerings. While students might not pursue a career in the arts, they will always remain “lifelong supporters of the arts.”
Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Rob and his team persevered, adapting their approach to ensure that the spirit of artistic expression continued. From innovative virtual productions to expanded offerings in visual and media arts, PiM remains at the forefront of guiding the next generation of creative leaders.

Vocational - John Crudele

John Crudele, coming from a tight-knit Italian family on the East Coast, found himself in Iowa during his formative years. Despite being from Massachusetts, Iowa quickly became his home, and it was here that he pursued a degree in business finance at Iowa State University. Although initially grappling with public speaking, John eventually found his voice, captivating audiences with over 500 speeches annually. Now, he focuses on individual mentorship, having recently secured a job at LifeWave as a Brand Partner. John exemplifies his deep commitment to faith and personal growth through his life experiences as he continues on his journey. 

Future Meetings

  • February 20: Tim Conners/Irene Kelly--Lake Street Initiative
  • March 2: Tammy Ryder-Harms—Kaleidoscope Teens
  • March 20: Brice Johnson—American Red Cross
  • April 2: Kristin Hoplin--Reach & Read MN—early literacy via doctors and nurses
  • Please contact Lyndon Moquist or Jan Eian with program ideas


  • February 23-24: Bill will be attending NCPETS (North Central President Elect Training Seminar) in Eagan
  • March 29: Bingo Night fundraiser at 7:00 pm at Fat Pants!
  • April 20: Eden Prairie Eco Expo at Eden Prairie Mall! Tim and Janna gave an update. We have 23 exhibitors so far. The Eco Expo website is up and running. Check it out! Tim and Janna appreciate all who are working on this important fundraiser.
  • In 2029: Rotary International Assembly will be coming to Minneapolis/St Paul! More details to come.
  • Sherry Kist, Lake Minnetonka-Excelsior Rotary, provided information on an upcoming District 5950 & 5960 event.
  • Honorable Justice Alan Page will be speaking on “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Education & The Law” on February 22, 2024 at the Lafayette Club in Minnetonka Beach, MN. Proceeds will go to the Page Educational Foundation. Flyers with event and registration
  • information were provided and will also be available at the next meeting

Duty Roster for the next meeting, February 20, 2024

  • Greeter: Tim Conners
  • Inspiration: Adam Sienkowski
  • Check-In: Patrick Donohue
  • Door Prize: Lyndon Moquist
  • Vocational: Patrick Donohue

Happy Fives

  • Tim Conners said that Irene and he have met with Frederick Brathwaite who has a vision as to what to do with the site of the former 3 rd Precinct Building. Tim is happy to report that 125 people showed up to a recent meeting regarding what to do with the site.
  • Dennis Kim is happy to be back at an EPAM Rotary meeting after an absence of several months.