Joe Schmit - Silent Impact

Joe Schmit is an eighteen-time Emmy award-winning sports reporter for KSTP Channel 5 and big supporter of Big Brothers and Big Sisters. He has authored two books Impact Blueprint and Silent Impact. Joe said his dream of being a pro athlete died in Little League but since 1985 he has been witness to the greatest moments in Minnesota sports history. Joe’s wife is a retired attorney who volunteers with youth theater groups.
Joe has spent years studying people who make an impact. He shared a heartwarming stories about Roy Griak, legendary Gopher track and field coach and Bart Starr. His message is that “we make the biggest impressions when we are not trying to be impressive.” Joe challenged us to think about who would be on our Mt Rushmore of Influence for their impact on our careers and lives and to be aware and intentional about the impact we make on those around us. We can make a big impact by showing we care.


We met Toni Larson-Peterson, outbound exchange student to Spain, and her mother Julia Larson
Bev Aho thanked members for helping with Winter Wellness and congratulated Jan Eian for placing 2 nd in her class in the x/c skiing event.
Jon Estall talked about Above and Beyond kickoff meeting.
Jane McGinty talked about signing up for discounted group tickets to Shun Yuen. Available on club runner.

Spotlight on Andrea Jamison

Andrea grew up outside Kansas City (Lawson, MO). She has taught for twenty-two years. She is currently a part-time English teacher in Minnetonka Spanish Immersion Program. She and her husband have a daughter who is a nurse and a son at UMD. They have one grandson. They love to travel and the outdoors. Andrea shared some of the funny things her students have said.

Happy Fines

Elaine Larabee took blame for Packers loss because she forgot to wear scarf during first half. Dennis Kim thanked everyone for birthday wishes. Jeff Jiang talked about Chinese New Year. Irene Kelly congratulated planners on a fabulous Winter Wellness event Saturday. Ron Hughes (visiting member from Excelsior) thankful for last bacon before he undergoes heart bypass surgery. Matt Crane thanked Joe Schmit for giving up their back yard for their theater programs which his kids thoroughly enjoy.
Ricky Arteiro -RYE Student
Tim Conners - Prospective Member
Clementine Depierpont - RYE Student
Ron Hughes - Excelsior Club
Julia Larson - RYE
Toni Larson-Peterson - RYE
Tom Poul - Prospective Member
Mrinalni Iyer and Nicki Kunz - Student Interns