International Village Clinic/Manav Khidmet Foundation – Dr Abul Sharah

Dr Sharah was introduced by Mark Lewis and Prafulla Vegunta. Dr Sharah is retired from a distinguished career including 27 years at Honeywell. Dr Sharah met Mother Theresa in 1996 and began giving back to his native India through a clinic and hospital in Uttar Pradesh (eastern border of India). He shared pictures of the clinic campus and school facilities that are under construction. The healthcare programs consist of curative and preventive programs which in 2019 served nearly 41,000 patients (curative) and 180,000 people in 56 communities (preventative). The hospital and clinic employ 60 staff including 4 doctors on an annual budget of $150,000. The doctors on staff make $300 per month. The campus facilities are powered by solar panels. Recent grants have added to the number of panels and batteries powering the campus. Visit for more information.
In recent years, Dr Sharah has branched out into education starting the World Class English School and is adding one grade each year until they have a full Nursery through High School enrollment. Dr Sharah thanked EPAM Rotary for its continuous support over the past fifteen years.




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