Posted by Mark Weber
Steve Spangler on “Best Day Ever – The Art & Science of Creating Unforgettable Learning Experiences”
Our guest via Zoom was Steve Spangler, better known from “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on TV as America’s Science Teacher and a speaker-circuit colleague of club President John Crudele.
Steve, who did actually have a career as a teacher before becoming a speaker, author, and TV personality, uses science lessons to connect and engage with kids and to create an experience they’ll long remember. Fireballs, flying cups, twirling glasses of water – these are some of the creative ways he taught us May 19 about chemistry and physics. But most of all, how to connect and engage, which these days has become even more challenging in the absence of face-to-face contact.
If you are trying to get a child interested in science, or you simply want to be entertained by something amazing and fun, then check out his multimedia, including: A Steve Spangler page on Facebook, his “Making Science Fun! YouTube channel, or a Smithsonian book he authored that is titled “10-Minute Science Experiments.”
There’ll be no club meeting May 26.
The June 2 speaker is yet to be determined, but on June 9 we’ll hear Susan “Suzi” Howe, a Rotary International director for 2020-22, speak on leadership, membership, and engagement.
The 2020 Stop the Trafficking 5K will be a virtual race that families can participate in June 13-21. A.M. Rotary and Noon Rotary are sponsors of this fundraising event to end sex trafficking. For more information or to register, go to
Spotlight on Aaron Orwick
We learned during Aaron Orwick’s vocational that he grew up in North Dakota, graduated from the University of North Dakota with bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and has a long history with Target that now has him working in data sciences at Target Corp.’s headquarters. He ran unsuccessfully for Eden Prairie School Board, but it led Aaron to A.M. Rotary, where he’s dived in – even attending a Rotary meeting in India. Aaron and Lisa have been married 12 years and have three children. He enjoys golf and coaching his kids, and in the small amount of other spare time is an award-winning home brewer of beer under the title of Gemini Brewing. Welcome to the club, Aaron.
Happy Fives
The world got bigger May 19 and “Happy Fives” became “Happy Tens” with a gratitude theme. General gratitude was expressed by Dan O’Brien. Jenifer Loon was grateful for a PROP Board of Directors that’s active and engaged in fundraising. Brad Aho was grateful that the first day of filing for elective office has arrived, as he can officially file for election to county commissioner. Holly Link is grateful to see former club member Aaron Glass joining us virtually from his new home in Nashville, Tenn.