On Tuesday, November 1st we heard from Tricia Wright Executive Director of Onward Eden Prairie. She is also the Founder of Tricia Wright Consulting, LLC. Tricia has worked for over 5 years as a Principal Consultant for her consulting company and brings expertise to nonprofits and organizations and helps them grow. Onward Eden Prairie has the privilege of having Tricia as their Executive Director in the program as they work to help young adults who are experiencing homelessness or housing instability by providing stable housing and support. Some of the organizations that Tricia has worked for are Literary Minnesota, Onward Eden Prairie, and The Association of Fundraising Professionals, Minnesota. Tricia has also worked as a campaign manager and field organizer for different campaigns. 
Onward Eden Prairie is an organization that is working to help homeless teens in the southwest metro. The Onward house was started 4 years ago for young adults aged 18-24 to help those who are homeless. The house was bought by the Immanuel Luthern Church and has 4 bedrooms. Many people don't realize how many young adults are homeless because they are just couch surfing from house to house. As young adults come to the house they undergo a program to learn how to live with others and grow healthy relationships. One thing that Onward Offers is a home in a safe neighborhood to serve a unique niche in the community. One goal they hope to reach is for 25 young adults to graduate from the program by the year 2025.