Sebastien Tavenas, Co-founder & COO of Mobility 4 All

An Organization Offering Transportation to Seniors

On November 10th, 2020, Sebastien Tavenas, Co-founder & COO, spoke about Mobility 4 All.  Sebastien and his Co-founder John Doan started Mobility 4 All after seeing concerns their older family members or family members with disabilities had with transportation.  Mobility 4 All is a subscription service launched in 2019 and is partnered with 20 large senior homes.  It is also partnered with Lyft to supply them wheelchair accessible service.  Mobility 4 All is a, “kinder, gentler, and more personalized ride service for seniors and disabilities."  It is a door through door accessible service, so clients do not have to wait.  The drivers at Mobility 4 All are fully vetted and trained to be able to communicate with clients, including visually or hearing impaired people.  Drivers ensure that clients arrive at the right place and are safe.  Caregivers are also involved.  Mobility 4 All emphasized that they don’t want clients to become socially isolated because of worrying about transportation, so they hope clients will utilize this service.  Additionally, there is a fund for low-income seniors to subsidize rides, allowing them to use the service as well.  Currently, Mobility 4 All has raised around $1 million in capital, mainly from grants.


  • Frank Sherwood announced the musical fundraiser will be held at Eden Prairie High School on Thursday, January 28.  There will be a watch party and social activities online.  There are plans for a limited amount of in person tickets for those who feel comfortable going.


Spotlight on Jan Eian

Member pictureJan Eian grew up on a farm in Northwestern Minnesota as the fourth of nine children.  There she loved horseback riding.  Jan’s career started as a teacher for kids with learning disabilities.  After 7 years of teaching, Jan worked as a personal banker at Northwestern National Bank, then she became a commercial lender, and finally a private banker.  After 7 years, Jan and her husband bought a Sylvan Learning Franchise and went back into education.  Jan recounted her time there as, “the most stimulating and exciting career.”  After selling Sylvan Learning to Sylvan Corporation, Jan and her husband started Endurant Business Solutions, a consulting firm.  Jan is currently a board member for the Eden Prairie Community Foundation.  Jan loves her family and has 3 daughters and 7 grandkids.  Jan also loves hobbies and enjoys: gardening, biking, skiing, rollerblading, yoga, reading, and quilting.


Happy Fives

  • Josh Swanson was happy to announce the graduation rates for Eden Prairie High School have significantly increased from 87% to 95% in the past 4 years.

  • PG Narayanan thanked everyone who supported his election to city council and is excited to work for the city of Eden Prairie.

  • Patrick Donahue thanked John Crudele for supporting him after the passing of a close family member.