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Amy Hudson: The Exercise Coach

Robb Hiller introduced Amy who through The Exercise Coach in Eden Prairie helped him recover muscle strength after his recovery from cancer treatment. Amy grew up in Chicago and graduated from Bethel. She operates The Exercise Coach franchise in Eden Prairie. Amy was not athletic growing up and found her five hours a week running to be too time consuming. The program consists of two twenty-minute workouts per week which are structured, and trainer led to provide maximum improvement of strength and muscle development to protect aging adults.

Muscle loss begins in our thirties and continues at a rate of 10% per decade if not prevented through exercise. Muscle loss can lead to Sarcopenia but can be reversed through resistance/strength training. This can add up to seven years to life expectancy. The program improves all body systems (cardio, muscular, metabolic, skeletal, hormonal and neurological).


Key ingredients of program are expert guidance, low impact, right intensity, quality above quantity and measurable progress which provides the motivation. Nutritional guidance is available. For more information, see



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Gary was born in Nebraska. His family moved to Minnesota in 1959. He graduated from Hopkins HS and University of Minnesota. Graduate degree from University of Washington (Seattle). Served in US Army at Fort Gordon (Georgia) and Viet Nam. Worked with father for six years before taking over the Company. Retired fifteen years ago after selling and transitioning Company to new owners. Married to Helen and has two sons and four grandchildren.




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