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Our speaker Steve Lear, a member of the Twin Cities Jewish community and a frequent speaker about Israel and the Middle East, suggests that in this very tribal world we would be better off to substitute another word for “peace” when talking about solving the problems of the Middle East. He suggests that “consolution,” a short version of the term “constructive solution,” would be a better goal.

One of the keys to “consolution,” says Lear, is regular and frequent voting in Middle Eastern states so that the governments reflect the wishes of their constituents. That kind of democratic approach hasn’t always been evident, he added.


Step two in that process would be for people to fully exercise their authority and demand more constructive solutions so progress could be made, according to Lear.

Lear’s discussion sparked a healthy back and forth, and we thank him for his thoughtful program.



We had a ton of club-member involvement in last weekend’s Camp Enterprise business program for high school students; “I got a ton out of it,” said volunteer Rotarian Jacob Stonesifer. The annual Area 3 Rotary Veterans Luncheon is 11 a.m. to 1:15 Monday, Nov. 12, at the Bloomington Hilton. Our social Swallowship gathering will be Nov. 15 at Holly Link’s home; more information is forthcoming. Dr. Don Draayer and Sylvia Sekhon will be our program speakers Nov. 13 and will address childhood development and literacy. On Nov. 20 our speaker will be Jim Nelson, past district governor.



We’re happy and willing to donate $5 (or more) to The Rotary Foundation to prove it. Laurie Pryor is happy to see today’s StarTribune featuring a new and unique solution to homelessness that results from actual discussion with those who are homeless: micro-housing. Steve Cwodzinski is happy that this wonderful teaching moment called Election Day has arrived; he salutes all the club members who have run for office. Suzanne Kutina is happy to have witnessed another local anti-trafficking seminar and a push to build a website that spotlights this effort. Mike Lewis is proud of a daughter who is a national fellow for the Gabby Gifford Foundation and who has been accompanying the former lawmaker and recuperating gunshot victim at presentations. John Crudele is proud of the club’s recent involvement in Camp Enterprise. Dennis Kim gives a big “Ditto” to Steve Cwodzinski’s ode to public service. Jenifer Loon hails all the kindness shown by people in her door-to-door campaigning. Dick Ward is proud of his daughter’s performance in the recent New York City Marathon. Matt Crane is happy to be celebrating a 16th wedding anniversary.


Jack Kuehn - Burnsville Rotarian

Adam Lofquist - Prospective Member

John Pryor - Guest of Laurie Pryor

Molly Zeller and Noah Stuhr - Student Interns