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"Positive Aggressive" by Phil Soran, Serial Entreprenuer
Phil Soran is a former Junior High Math Teacher turned entrepreneur. His first job was ball boy for the Denver Nuggets at age 11. He grew up in south Denver and graduated from the University of Northern Colorado. After five years as a math teacher he left to take a position with IBM. Phil describes his business philosophy as “positive aggressive” which is focused on how you win. He believes in “turning liabilities into assets” and “taking care of those who got you there”. His strategy includes-
  • Increase positivity – be about others, not yourself.
  • Speak more “ands” and less “buts”
  • Think growth
  • Recruit a personal board of directors
  • Create a personal positive aggressive plan including scoring yourself in key areas of life
Over the years, he and his leadership team have formed several businesses in Phil’s basement.
The first big hit was with Xiotech which was sold to Seagate for $360,000,000. Later the group formed Compellent which went public within five years and had 1200 employees when sold to Dell for $1,000,000,000. Along the way they recognized the efforts of the team and celebrated milestones and took care of those who helped build the companies.
In addition to the entrepreneurial endeavors Phil is involved with a few non-profit groups and serves on boards of directors of other companies.
  • 11/3 – Stop the Trafficking Gala
  • 11/12 – Veteran’s Day Luncheon
  • PROP holiday gift sign up begins 11/1
Spotlight on Cheryl Eastbourne
Cheryl was born in Chicago and lived in Indiana until age 13 when the family moved to Minnesota. Cheryl has been in Real Estate business for 24 years. Cheryl is very close to her family and they get together weekly for family gatherings. Cheryl updated Rotarians regarding Joe Epping’s family.
Happy Fives
Brad Aho happy to announce that EP Chamber of Commerce has endorsed him. Gene Storms just returned from great trip to Virginia. John Crudele spoke to a youth group in Motley. Jane McGinity said Amanda Ottman who spoke to our club regarding American Refugee Committee is getting word out about Annual Gala 11/10. Joe Stoebner traveled to NYC with his wife and they spent time at 9/11 memorial. Steve Cwodzinski recounted a bipartisan encounter.
Barb Goergen - Guest of John Goergen
Judit Amaros-Marin - Exchange Student
Noah Stuhr and Patrick Yang - Student Interns