January 29th, 2019 Meeting Preview 

Heidi Hukriede, Portfolio Manager

This week Heidi Hukriede from Stonebridge Capital Advisors will speak about her perspectives on the US Economy & World Financial Markets.

Duty Roster 1/22/19-2/5/19
 Jan. 22Jan. 29Feb. 5
GREETERSCheryl EastbourneJan EianGeorge Esbensen
 Adam SeidelFrnak SherwoodAdam Sienkowski
INSPIRATIONBill YeagerJon MelanderLyndon Moquist
CHECK-INDick WardCraig BlixrudCarol Bomben
 Elaine LarabeeHolly LinkJenifer Loon
BULLETINKelly SalweiMark WeberJenifer Loon
DOOR PRIZEAaron CasperMatt CraneJohn Crudele
VOCATIONALRoger JorgensenBob Solohub Rod Anderson
If you cannot be there, please find a sub and notify Prafulla Vegunta
Notes from January 22, 2019

Kurt Buchanan: Eden Prairie Fire Department

Kurt began by giving an update on the EP Fire team consisting of 95 volunteer firefighters, 9 full time staff and 4 fire stations. The full-time staff includes 4 full time fire inspectors whose duties include – fire response, inspecting rental housing and businesses, hazardous materials safety and fire investigation. This time of year, the fire department is called to respond to ice accidents. The general rule is that ice is safe for humans at 4 inches, snowmobiles require 5 – 7 inches, cars 8 - 12 inches and trucks 12 – 15 inches. Thickness can vary greatly so it is recommended that people stay off the ice at night. When traveling on ice, open a door or window for escape as the doors may not open until the car is fully submerged. Self-rescue is the best means of survival, so experts recommend you carry ice picks and wear life jackets. You have from five to fifteen minutes before being overcome by the elements.
The typical response to ice rescue is very equipment intensive requiring 3 engines, an aerial truck, 2 rescue vehicles and a zodiac boat. Another threat during winter is carbon monoxide. A response to CO call is 2 engines if symptoms of CO poisoning is present. In no symptoms only one engine is sent out. CO detectors should be replaced every 5 to 7 years. Smoke detectors should be replaced every 10 years. Remember to keep your neighborhood fire hydrants shoveled out during the winter. Every minute spent by firemen to remove snow delays their response time to the actual fire.

Spotlight on Roger Jorgensen

Roger shared his career journey supported by a graphical illustration of his career trajectory and satisfaction using a graph. He achieved his greatest success and job satisfaction when he entered the world of health insurance and benefits and specializing in Health Savings Accounts. His employer was acquired by Alerus in 2016. Roger was married in 1981 and they had their first child (Kelly) in 1986 and in 1989 their second child (Jesse) was born.


Dan O’Brien announced that John Crudele, Dane Boeckerman, Adam Sienkowski and Kevin Kraemer were recognize by RI. None of the four were in attendance so formal recognition will follow at a later meeting.

Happy Fives

Not so happy for us but Aaron Glass announced that he and his wife were trading in their parkas for lighter jackets and moving to Nashville, Tennessee.



Judit Amaros-Marin - RYE Exchange Student
Jack Kuehn - Burnsville Rotarian
Patrick Yang and Andy Tan - Student Interns
Mar 05, 2019
Esther Homes/ for pregnant single moms in crisis/ homeless
Mar 12, 2019
Demographic Trends for MN
Mar 19, 2019
Onward Eden Prairie
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