Speaker Date Topic
Dr. Sperduto, Mpls. Radiation Oncology Sep 24, 2019
Prostate Awareness Month/ September

What men need to know about Prostate Cancer---the month of September is Prostrate Awareness Month.

Special joint Thursday Swallowship/ Tavern 4 & 5 Sep 26, 2019
Dr. Willy & Sophia Menendez, reception w/ Edina Rotary, 5pm--7pm at Tavern 4&5

Don't miss this special opportunity for a joint Swallowship with the Edina Rotary Club at Tavern 4 & 5 in Eden Prairie---- to honor Dr. Willy & Sophia Menendez---- helping with prenatal care---Rotary sponsorship supplies water filtration, expand water supply to Hospital in Guatemala.

Nathan Faith, Boulay Group Senior Wealth Mgr. Oct 01, 2019
"Strategies to Minimize Your Mortgage w/ Uncle Sam"

Nathan Faith will weave today's current business and tax climate, uncertainty with tarrifs, and lessons learned to prepare you and family for a more secure future.

David McNally, CPAE, Speaker Hall of Fame Oct 08, 2019
The Power of Thoughtful, Purposeful Leadersip

David McNally, CPAE is nationally recognized speaker/ admission to Speaker Hall of Fame. David has written books/ speaks on topics of purposeful leadership, strong personanal brands, and leaving your mark on the world--- not as a goal but as a result of your uniquque special pupose and potential.. David weaves in humor, key business issues, and effective communication strategies to inspire and lead others. 

Tentative/ Speaker forum--- EP School Board Oct 15, 2019
Upcoming elections for School Board
Service Project at Bearpath breakfast Oct 22, 2019
Regular meeting/ Classroom packs for EP

Stay tuned for more details--- regular meeting at Bearpath---- doing service project: classroom packs for EP.

Kevin Burkart Oct 29, 2019
Overcoming Adversity/ Embracing Change/ Inspiring Innovation

Kevin Burkart is a dynamic public speaker--- this willl be a treat for our Rotarty group to hear from Kevin.

Jessica B. Johnson, JD --Punch & Assoc. Nov 05, 2019
Family Estate Planning--- how to handle conversations

Jessica Johnson will share a message useful for planning for and having those difficult and necessary family estate communication meetings.

John Crudele Nov 12, 2019
Club Assembly/ vision, roles, updates, free flow communication.
"Cozy & Warm Drive" Service Project Nov 19, 2019
Reg. Bearpath breakfast meeting

Stay tuned for more details--- plan on regular breakfast meeting at Bearpath---- service project: "Cozy and Warm Drive"

Tentative-Louise Griffith, MA, LP-- Success Coach Nov 26, 2019
"You Are Worth It, What's Holding You Back"?

Louise is an internationally recognized speaker, author, coach, and Psychologist for 28 years with OneShiningLight.com connecting women and business and leading people and organziations to find what is getting in the way of best performance/ reaching higher levels and becoming greatest you!

Annual Family Christmas Breakfast Dec 17, 2019
Reg. Bearpath meeting

Invite your familes to enjoy special Christmas holiday cheer and skit during our regualr breakfast meeting at Bearpath