Speaker Date Topic
Kim Rathjen, Coordinator, Onward Eden Prairie Mar 19, 2019
Onward Eden Prairie

Helping young adults who are experiencing homelessness or housing instability. Providing a safe place to live and sleep so they can dream and prepare for a successful future.

Stonebridge Capital Advisors Mar 26, 2019
US Economy & Financial Markets--- Heidi Hukriede

Porfolio Manager, Heidi Hukriede. US Economy & World Financial Markets--hear perspecitives and context from expert in the industry during this time of extreme volitility.

Rudy Boschwitz, former U.S. Senator & Ambassador Apr 02, 2019
"Magnificent America"

A Minnesota "legend and icon"--- served 12 years as U.S. Senator for state of MN, Ambassador to United Nations, Human Rights Commission, President George H. W. Bush Emissary to Ethipoia.Founder and CEO, Plywood Minnesota and Home Value retail stores. A proud American---his family fled Nazi Germany when Rudy was a 3 year old immediately after Hitler rose to power.

Kathy Tolo/ VP of Development Apr 09, 2019
Angel Foundation

Angel Foundation understands that with a Cancer diagnosis, life for patient and family changes in an instant. They step in for the many non-medical burdens such as housing expenses, food, utilities, travel to treatment, etc.

Roy Terwilliger Apr 16, 2019
History of EP & EP Rotary accomplishments

Our esteemed Roy Terwilliger will take us down a trip down memory lane and enlighten us on the proud beginnings, growth of our Rotary group as well as weave in the history of Eden Prairie/ growth milestones.

Judit Amoros/ Rotary Exchange Student in EP Apr 23, 2019
Sharing experiences/ backround

Judit Amoros, our Rotary exchange student here in Eden Prairie will some of her backround journey plus experiences/ thoughts so far with MN and EP area/ schools.

Dr. Josh Swanson, Superintendent of EP Schools Apr 30, 2019
EP Schools upcoming referendum--- long term vision, facilities

Dr. Josh Swanson, Superintendent and Brett Johnson, Communications Director will present the long term vision of Eden Prairie school district and backround for need to pass the upcoming school referendum for acedemic excellence and facilities improvements.

Anya Falk--Rotary Exchange student in Belgium Aug 06, 2019
Sharing experience in Belgium

Anya Falk is our local area student that is studying and living abroad in Belgium, sponsored by our EP Rotary Club as an exchange student. She will share her experiences with our group.