Speaker Date Topic
Cecile Bedor - Executive VP of Real Estate Aug 11, 2020
CommonBond Communities Eden Prairie Development

Cecile Bedor, Executive VP or Real Estate for CommonBond Communities will be presenting on their current development that is currently going up in Eden Prairie, behind Smith Coffee House.

Cindy Eddy, Executive Director of Prop Shop Aug 18, 2020
Prop Shop Update

Cindy Eddy will be speaking about Prop Shop and the current status and needs of the shop.

Jon Kaufman Aug 25, 2020
H2OpenDoors - Rotary Intl. Water Project

H2OpenDoors is a project of Rotary International. In the last 5 years they've installed 23 purified water bottling plants in 9 countries. These SunSpring-centered facilities provide 5000 gallons per day of safe drinking water. Enough for 10,000 people to have 1/2 gallon of water every day for over 10 years. This past Janaury, in colaboration with your EPAM Club, Edina Noon, and several California Clubs, we installed a SunSpring in the Escuintla National Pediatric Hostpital in Guatemala. Pure water is life changing!