Speaker Date Topic
Kurt Buchanan, EP Fire Inspector Jan 22, 2019
Ice & Winter Safety
Stonebridge Capital Advisors Jan 29, 2019
US Economy & Financial Markets--- Heidi Hukriede

Porfolio Manager, Heidi Hukriede. US Economy & World Financial Markets--hear perspecitives and context from expert in the industry during this time of extreme volitility.

VJ Smith Feb 05, 2019

MADDADS is acconym: Men Against Destruction, Defending Against Drugs & Social Disorder--- founded by group of men in 1989 all united be be positive role models in communities filled with gang violence and unfettered drug flows.

Kathy Tolo, VP Development Feb 12, 2019
Angel Foundation

Offering emergency non-medical financial assistance for Cancer diagnosis/patients for people and familes--- steps in for needs such as rent, mortgage, utilities, food, fuel within 3 days of when application is submitted. 

Monique Hammond Feb 19, 2019
Hearing Loss-- "the silent epidemic"

Monique wrote the book "What did you say?" Appointed by the governor to the commission on Deaf, Blind, and Hard of Hearing Minnesotans. She will be discussing ways to prevent hearing loss that is afecting more people of all ages-- not just seniors--- and ways to better cope with it.

Offsite at "Feed My Starving"... Feb 26, 2019
Feed My Starving Children, (7am in Chanhassen)

Early start, 7am. Meet at the Chanhassen location--- SW corner--- intersection of Hwy 5 & Dell Road, Eden Prairie/ Chanhassen border.

Emily Seiple, Director of Community Development Mar 05, 2019
Esther Homes/ for pregnant single moms in crisis/ homeless

Just opend a maternity home in Eden Prairie to house up to 5 families at any given time to fill gaps in the traditional community support services for single, pregnant moms in crisis situations.

Susan Brower, MN State Demographer Mar 12, 2019
Demographic Trends for MN
Kim Rathjen, Coordinator of Inward/Outreach Mar 19, 2019
Onward Eden Prairie

Helping young adults who are experiencing homelessness or housing instability. Providing a safe place to live and sleep so they can dream and prepare for a successful future.