About Our Club
The Eden Prairie AM Rotary Club was officially chartered on June 15, 1976. The District Governor's Special Representative Don Brauer of Edina and sponsoring club representatives Dr. John Wright of Hopkins and M.E. "Skip" Lane of Edina found 31 business and professional men in Eden Prairie who became the charter members of the club. Among the club's 35 charter members were Walt Carpenter, Dean Edstrom, Merle Gamm, Dean Holasek, Skip Lane, Don Opheim, Roy Terwilliger, and John Wright. John Wright was the Club's first President.

The club first met at Power's Department Store (now Mervyn's) Restaurant in the Eden Prairie Mall. About 1981 the club moved to Mr. Steak restaurant (now the location of Buca's), and in 1985 to Castle Ridge Nursing Home for a short stay, then on to Flagship Athletic Club for about ten years. When Flagship remodeled in 1997, the club moved temporally to St. Andrews Lutheran Church and then met for 10 years at Biaggi's Italiano Ristorante in the Eden Prairie Center.  In March 2016, the club moved to Bearpath Golf and Country Club and remained there until September, 2022 when the club moved to Eden Prairie Central Middle School (CMS).  In June, 2023, the club moved its meeting location to Fat Pants Brewing, Eden Prairie. 

The Club has produced two District Governors - Dean Edstrom and Irene Kelly (2018-2019).

Below is a list of Club Presidents and their year of service:

76-77 John Wright
77-78 Skip Lane
78-79 Dave Speed
79-80 Dean Edstrom
80-81 Tim Pierce
81-82 Don Opheim
82-83 Paul Fjare
83-84 Roy Terwilliger
84-85 David Anderson
85-86 Merle Gamm
86-87 Hakon Torjesen
87-88 Bob Lambert
88-89 Russ Chance
89-90 Dan O'Brien
90-91 Gary Bergren
91-92 George Sandell
92-93 Jim Bissonett
93-94 Ted Allen
94-95 Jeff Olson
95-96 Pat Richard
96-97 Bud Baker
97-98 Dick Pryse
98-99 John Wilson
99-00 Jim Bissonett / Gary Bergren / Dan O'Brien / Joe Stoebner
00-01 Arne Fjelland
01-02 Andy O'Brien
02-03 Mark Lewis
03-04 John Nord
04-05 Jerry McCoy
05-06 Robb Hiller
06-07 Frank Sherwood
07-08 Greg Albrecht
08-09 Melissa Krull
09-10 Josh Dirlam
10-11 Irene Kelly
11-12 Bob Starr
12-13 Jane McGinty
‚Äč13-14 Craig Blixrud
14-15 Jared Chester
15-16 Jan Eian
16-17 Jeanne Zetah
17-18 Roger Jorgensen
18-19 Matthew Crane
19-20 John Crudele
20-21 Prafulla Vegunta
21-22 Jenifer Loon
22-23 Elaine Larabee/Dan O'Brien/ Jan Eian
23-24 Dan O'Brien