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Duty Roster 1/23/18-2/6/18
 Jan. 23Jan. 30Feb. 6
GREETERSDavid HellmuthBruce Hutchins Pei Ling Jamison
Bill YeagerMark FreibergBev Aho
INSPIRATIONJacob Stonesifer David Sundet Carol Sundet-Meeker 
CHECK-INDick WardCraig BlixrudCarol Bomben
Mark FreibergAdam SienkowskiJay Simpson
BULLETINKelly SalweiMark WeberMike Kraines
DOOR PRIZERoger JorgensenIrene Kelly Dennis Kim
VOCATIONALSuzanne KutinaCaryl Hansen Mark Freiberg
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Notes from January 16, 2018
Michele Jansen of Smooth Jazz 88. KBEM FM spoke about potential and how at North High in Minneapolis involves students with broadcasting Minnesota’s FM jazz music. Jansen says, "When I was in broadcasting school I was told that I had potential. I loved that kind of praise, but at the time, I didn’t really understand the true meaning of that word.” According to Jansen, potential is about what is possible but it is not reality. It is a latent excellence or ability that may or may not be developed. To be developed support from others can be key.
Jansen sees potential in the students at North High in their work with Smooth Jazz 88.FM. The radio station is a medium for students involved to learn about radio and broadcasting, great music and musicians, and moreover to build confidence, to improve, and to realize their potential.
Smooth Jazz 88.FM is housed at North High. It is independent of the Minneapolis Public Schools and takes no funding from the district. It has a budget of about $1 million which is raised through grants and donations. The budget employs staff and one teacher that provides instruction through six classes each day school is in session. Classes are an elective at North High. The radio station staff mentor the students on a formal one-on one basis and as role models. According to Jansen the real mission of 88 KBEM is to “see potential when others see limitations”.
The District 5950 Mid-Term Assembly will be Jan. 27 at Crown College. Drivers are needed for Meals on Wheels the first week of February; contact John Goergen if you can help. Next week is Camp Enterprise.
Becky was born in Minneapolis, adopted and grew up in east Bloomington. We learned of the unfortunate circumstances that had her spending an inordinate amount of time at Methodist Hospital.  Her father, a veteran of WWII, struggled with PTSD and heart disease.  Upon his passing, her mother remarried. Then her step father had a cardiac arrest two years later.   Her mother was also then diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.  At times she admits to feeling trapped being a “family caregiver”. Later, with her own diagnosis of cancer she was on the receiving end of care.  Through it all she learned much about faith, compassion, and commitment.  Today she has been cancer free for seven years. She now shares her lessons and experience with others through her volunteer work. Becky is an Employee Benefits Consultant.  Life experiences have helped her understand as well as counsel families who are going through extreme health issues.  She is able to help them better understand their benefits as well as possibly redirect them for a better financial outcome. Leia is her four year old “Therapy Dog”.  They visit patients and staff of Methodist hospital as well as those in Hospice care at various locations through Park Nicollet.  Becky has a daughter who is married with three children in Scottsdale Arizona.
  • Kevin Kraemer: Happy to have the opportunity to host Trini. At a party to celebrate her stay with the Kraemers at OHP, the employees mistook the gifts for a birthday and Trini received the full birthday donning that OPH offers.
  • Craig Blixrud:  Morgan will be studying nursing at the U of M.
  • Suzanne Kutina:  Hosted Swallowship. It was great!
  • Matt Crane: Daughter gets her cast off that was the result of a sledding mishap ending in a broken shin for her and a cousin with a broken knee—ouch!
Aaron Casper - Prospective Member
Rekha Claus and Morgan Blixrud  - Student Interns
Jan 23, 2018
Jan 30, 2018
Modern Micro Distilleries: Making Booze a Business
Feb 13, 2018
Engineers Without Borders
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