The Club Administrator is responsible for setting up and taking down the registration table. The table should be set up at least 15 minutes before the meeting begins. The member sign-in sheet and nametag box should be conveniently located for the members. Visiting Rotarians, paying and non-paying guests should be welcomed, given nametags and introduced. Visiting Rotarians are required to pay for their meal and should be given a make-up card.

At the end of the meeting, the Club Administrator completes a deposit slip for all Happy Fives, guest fees, and door prize proceeds collected. The attendance sheet and finance sheet for the day should be completed by the Club Administrator. The Club Administrator deposits cash and checks received into the Club bank Account and and also deposits any cash/checks received for the EPAM Foundation into the Foundation account. 

Members share other duties at meetings including: Greeting members and guests, giving Inspiration, assisting with check-in at the desk--including taking funds for the door prize drawing, and providing a door prize. These duties are assigned to members on a rotating basis.