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Eden Prairie AM Rotary Club Assembly: Rotary - The Gateway to Serving Local and International Communities

President John Crudele kicked off the club assembly with a reminder that Rotarians are people of action! As we begin our new Rotary Club year, leadership has sent two surveys to the membership to help gauge opinion and points of view on whether or not we should hold the Vino Classico this year, and soliciting other thoughts from the members on fundraising, commitment to helping with those efforts and whether or not fundraising events are a good way to showcase our club and its good work. John reviewed the results of the survey questions with the club and then discussed the board’s debate and vote to discontinue the Vino for this year and work to develop other fundraising events.
In response to member questions, John noted that our fundraising from the Vino Classico had been declining, with an average year raising approximately $30,000, but last year only bringing in $14,500. (and the year before $24,000). Corporate sponsorships have also been scarce, and many businesses do not want to link to events with alcohol as a theme or focus.
After allowing for member discussion, in which the efforts of several Rotarians were praised for their longstanding and outstanding work to help make Vino a success in past years, the point was made that the time has come to do something different and that this change occurs with most organizations and events. John thanked the members for their excellent input and then asked Jenifer Loon to lead the club in a discussion of other fundraising ideas. Jenifer asked each table to brainstorm on ideas for fundraising events. These events could be targeted at various audiences—such as a garden party with wine and dessert for women in the community; a community picnic with a family focus (which could be a joint endeavor with the Eden Prairie Community Foundation), or an indoor mini-golf tournament held in the winter. Jenifer also asked the club to consider adding to the ticket price of our club social events so that everything we do—even in fellowship—also raises money to further our community service. For example, we could increase the ticket price for our Lake Minnetonka boat cruise evening, and all of the extra proceeds would be designated to our foundation for grant distribution. Time was then given for each table to develop ideas for fundraising and how events could be marketed. After the allotted time for discussion, President Crudele discussed the pledge card at each place setting. Members may want to give a direct donation to the EP A.M. Rotary Foundation, just as members are all encouraged to give to the Rotary International Foundation, as their charity of choice. This giving could create a bridge for us to continue partnering and supporting community needs while we develop new events to carry the club and our service forward.
Holly Link closed out the assembly by giving all members some “homework”. At each table place was a sheet of paper with all of our various committees and opportunities for members to take ownership of a particular activity. Members were asked to take it home, think about what they would really like to do within the EP A.M. Rotary club umbrella this year, and to bring the completed form back to next week’s meeting. 


*Jan Eian is hosting an event for women on Thursday, July 25 th at her home. All women Rotary members, spouses of male members, and guests are welcome to attend.
* Roger Jorgensen asked interested members to stay after the meeting to discuss club sponsorships. (A shout out to Pei Ling Jamison and Jamison Optical for being our first $1000 sponsor! Thank you!)
* Sunday, July 28 th from 3-6 p.m. the Boy Scouts will be hosting Adventure Day.
* Welcome to Ted Davies, visiting prospective member.

Welcome to Patrick Donahue, our newest EP A.M. Rotary Club Member!

Patrick Donahue is the President and CEO of Hill Capitol Corporation. He is also a Buck Hill ski instructor and a Boy Scout troop leader. Patrick was sponsored for membership by Jacob Stonesifer and John Crudele. Look for more information on Patrick in the coming weeks when he offers his vocational to the club.


Ted Davies - Prospective Member
Mrinalni Iyer and Nicki Kunz - Student Interns