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John Hinderaker: Center for the American Experiment - The State of Minnesota's Economy 2018

John Hinderaker is a former litigator with Faegre & Benson where he tried 100 jury cases and appeared in court in 19 states. In 2015 he became the President of Center for the American Experiment a 501 (c ) (3) educational organization whose mission is “to build a culture of prosperity for Minnesota and the nation”. Their Daily pursuit is a free and thriving Minnesota whose cultural and intellectual center of gravity is grounded in free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, and other time-tested American virtues.
Mr. Hinderaker walked us through The State of Minnesota’s Economy:2018 a publication authored by John Phelan with assistance from Andrew Scattergood. Mr. Phelan is an economist with the Center for the American Experiment. The report paints a picture of unimpressive economic growth for Minnesota. While our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita in 2017 was above average, our per capita GDP per worker was below the national average despite our high labor participation rate (2 nd highest in US). Mankato and Rochester metropolitan statistical areas (MSA’s) grew faster than national average from 2001 and 2017 while St Cloud, Minneapolis/St. Paul and Duluth were below the national average.
In terms of taxes, MN has 4 th highest individual tax rate in US and our lowest rate is higher than the top rate in 23 states. Our corporate tax rate is 3 rd highest in US. From 2011 to 2016, Minnesota has been a net loser of residents to other states. Mr. Hinderaker stated that, “we need to ask ourselves how we can move the needle to more positive results”.
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Spotlight on Adam Sienkowski

Adam was born and raised in Bristol WI where his family runs a dog boarding and kennel business. He is very close to his three siblings. Adam earned a BS in Economics from the University of MN and graduated from the U of M law school. Upon graduation he went to work for James Gilbert Law Office in Eden Prairie where he lives with his wife and son. They are expecting a second son. Adam likes golf and fishing.

Happy Fives

Several members were happy this week. Suzanne Kutina reported that their house sold so they were moving to the lake and wishes everyone the best. Mark Weber’s son was married in Red Wing. Dennis Kim happy for support for RYE and New Generation and leadership of Jane McGinty. Jay Simpson’s daughter visiting from Virginia. Pei Ling and family vacationed in the Black Hills and Jim Bissonet happy to be back and see old friends.


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