Speaker Date Topic
Mike Rayburn - Virtual Zoom Meeting Apr 07, 2020
"What if? Keynote Experience"
"What if? Keynote Experience"

Join us live on Zoom anytime after 7:15AM. Meeting will begin at 7:35. https://zoom.us/j/636013671

Mike Rayburn is a two-time TED Talk Presenter, an innovative en- trepreneur and Hall of Fame speaker who uses world-class guitar and comedy to teach change and innovation to corporations world-wide. He has headlined Carnegie Hall, headlined in Las Vegas, and performed more than 5,000 presentations in 20 countries on five continents. Ray- burn is a regular on Sirius/XM and morning radio nationwide. He has performed as guitarist with The Beach Boys and John Oates

Rayburn’s keynote is called “The What IF? Keynote Experience.” You will learn three simple tools for harnessing your unrealized potential, creating and leading change, and becoming a virtuoso performer. You’ll hear amazing music including a solo guitar version of Bohemian Rhapsody. Oh, and you laugh a LOT! 

No one does what Mike Rayburn does. 

Rotary Interns-- Kevin, Kayla, Nicki, Mrinalni Apr 14, 2020
Sharing their experiences, perspectives

This is an opportunity to hear the perspectives and experiences of our Rotary Interns-- what they have enjoyed, learned, and observed. Aslo group effort to brainstorm ideas for our Club to improve all of our experiences and bring more member value. 

Paul Perez, Rotary District Governor, 5960 Apr 21, 2020
"Overall Vision for Rotary in 2020", fundraising tips too

Paul Perez is an energetic, dynamic speaker sure to entertain. More importantly as Rotary 5960 District Governor Paul is bringing his passion to help clubs mazimize their talents of each member to internalize Rotary in a meaningful way and he has excellent ideas for making fundraisers successful--- also TRF is stronger than regular fundraising.   

Keynote speaker, John Rubischko-- 11:30--1:30 Apr 23, 2020
"Vocational Ethics Day" Thurs. luncheon at Edina Country Club

Our keynote speaker, John Rubischko for this lucheon, Thurs. April 23rd at Edina Country Club will share his talk on "Choices & Consequences". Special guests will be students from Edina, Eden Prairie, Richfield.

Jon Kaufman May 05, 2020
H2OpenDoors, Rotary Intl. Project

H2OpenDoors is a project of Rotary International. In the last 5 years they've installed 23 purified water bottling plants in 9 countries. These SunSpring-centered facilities provide 5000 gallons per day of safe drinking water. Enough for 10,000 people to have 1/2 gallon of water every day for over 10 years. This past Janaury, in colaboration with your EPAM Club, Edina Noon, and several California Clubs, we installed a SunSpring in the Escuintla National Pediatric Hostpital in Guatemala. Pure water is life changing!